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  1. Hey, ive recently bought a brand new Asrock b450 Steel legend. So i unboxed it and everything looked good but when i looked on the backside of the board, I saw this weird kind off wet looking spot under where i would assume the vrm's are. Why is the spot there and should i be concerned? (sorry for bad pic, this is the best shot i could get of it)
  2. I just cheked that Board out on Amazon, but the problem is that its not available in my country. Ill keep checking iv it comes back into stock. ty
  3. So im looking to get a new Keyboard, because my old Logitech Keyboard died recently. The Cynosa light is currently on sale for 35€ (40$) and im wondering if its worth the price. I kinda like Membrane switches actually, so its no problem that it is Membrane. I also really like Razers Rgb Software, so thats another thing that sounds good about it. Do you guys know any other good Keyboards for around 30$ to 45$?