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    Photography, Drawing, Fishing, Computer parts that are far too expensive for me to afford


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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT
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    B550M Aorus Pro
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    32GB DDR4 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro
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  1. Got it, I didint know that about SQL, thats fun to know . I have some good history with HTML so I'm probably gonna learn some SQL first before jumping into PHP. Thank you so much for the help! I'm probably gonna face quite a bit of learning hurdles through out this project but I appreciate you for taking the time to help
  2. This sounds like a great start, I know neither of those however. Would you happen to know any specific youtube videos or sites perhaps that can help me with this specifically? If not then, either way thank you for the lead
  3. So I'm currently making a power monitor using my Raspberry pi and i wanted to have the data collected by the Pi to send into a "server" of sorts that can be viewed by my phone and stuff. I dont know much about these things but I generally understand the connections between them and how to program reading and writting however I dont know how to create that "server" if that's even what it is. Does any one know what i should do, or perhaps if theres even a program that can do this for me? Thank you in advance~ Let me know if there is any crucial details I might have not stated
  4. The title says it all ready, I plan on making my own home socket power monitor using my rpi but id much rather not use a module where i'd have to handle live wire so I have to do with those non-invasive currents sensors, however they have audio outpus ....is there a module that i could use for me to get that data from the sensor to my pi pins?
  5. My temps are pretty decent actually very very rarely going 80C however I've been using those fan programs but never could get them go lower than 1500rpm which remains to be loud
  6. Hi, I currently own a MAG CORELIQUID 240R. I was gifted the AIO so I never considered replacing it however I've realized it's extremely noisy. Far louder than anything in my room. Using a tester, i got a tested output of 45-60dB up close and about 42dB from where i seat from it. I tested the noise floor of my room at around 21dB peak. It's been bothering me a lot. Should I replace it's fans? I don't understand how fans work and considering the availability of the fans i heard noctua fans are good however the fans available for this would range at about 24dB, Knowing it's two fans wouldn't tha
  7. I see. thank you, it's like a completely new busling world im stepping into today lol I appreciate the help!
  8. Hi, I'm very new to these things. I have some background in programming through my university but thats about it. Recently I was planning on creating an automated audio recording and email attatchment sending system with the use of the RPi (also no, I'm not bugging someone, i plan on attatching it onto a stethoscope lol) I truthfully have no idea where to begin. I've installed Rpi OS, purchased a USB sound card, but thats about it. There arent alot of resources that tell me how exactly to start programming, or even obtaining the sound signal. I dont want to ask too much, I'm jus
  9. Lol it does sound like I'm bugging someone. This sounds perfect actually for the use case that i need it for however ill still be using the Pi4 after it for some larger more processor intensive projects so ill be sticking with the pi....thank you for the input though!
  10. Oh, I was reffering to the raspberry pi 4 B i see specifications that says that it has wifi b/g/n/ac capablities however i also see some projects on the pi which employ a separate wifi module
  11. ah dang alright welp, time to get a sound card, thank you for the input~ And yes i already have a computer to configure it. Oh also ,quick question, does it really not have a wifi module?
  12. I was planning to test and create an analog ANC (active noise cancelling) system that is recorded and sent as an attatchment via email. While I know that the pi is capable of sending emails and attatching files, I was wondering if anyone knew how I would get the audio signal? Since my ANC system is an analog output, is the Rpi capable of receiving that signal straight from an analog pin or would it be better that i get an audio jack output? Would the pi be able to record with its 3.5mm jack? I'm currently new to these DIY projects with the pi and I have yet to actually order the Pi beca
  13. perhaps something less than 11 inches wide
  14. I currently have 2 monitors set up, i often use both of them together which leaves no space for say, looking at the album art playing on spotify or a youtube video. I'm looking for a small maybe ipad sized (maybe even smaller) monitor that i can prop on the bottom of my center monitor. I'm currently looking around however im only finding ones that are around $140-$300 dollars. Are there any cheaper alternatives or is that a normal price for what I'm looking for>