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  1. I’m actively using drives a decade old, and have drives back into the early 1990s that still work fine (I’m literally watching TV shows I ripped off my DVDs on a drive from 2011 as I’m trying this). Bit rot will depend more on storage conditions. I’d periodically refresh the drives (maybe every year or two). Just my experience.
  2. They’re plenty fast for less frequently used games you don’t feel like redownloading. If it saves $20 it saves $20, you just make sure you buy them somewhere you can get your money back easily. Sometimes they’re halfway decent, I got a pair of Torosus 480gb ones that were just relabeled tc sunbows with dram cache.
  3. These drives are being sold on Amazon, maybe $10-20 cheaper than you can buy a more known brand So not unheard of cheap to suggest it should be a scam. I’ve used these types of drives before to speed up old laptops. Usually these types of drives are just meh drives, cacheless cheap and not terribly fast, much like WD greens. These appear to be an outright fake. I bought 3 and they seem to work initially. Two of them reported a really odd size in drive management, approximately 1000.3gb. The other was a more standard 953.9gb. when writing to the drive somewhere around 200gb (not even 240gb)
  4. 94TBs, ripped my DVD tv show box sets, blu rays, HD DVDs, UHDs in full quality. My own private netflix.
  5. I got one from an EVGA B stock sale. Part of my work on my retro/specialty game build. I have better gaming cards but some issues present with certain games, the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. For example Gets odd screen tearing effects when panning side to side which don’t present on the Titan Z (and probably other older Kepler cards). I don’t mine on mine and didn’t intend to I was curious if it even would work with the setup. I doubt anyone is gonna sell one for $200, and even $300 will be a stretch these days.
  6. Before the graphics card mess Titan Z was between $275-300. It’s an odd case. It runs hot, it draws tons of power. If you force enable SLI in profile inspector (and it works for the title) it’s somewhere around a gtx 1080 in gaming performance. In theory you could mine on it, but unlike some alt coins you could do with a 780 you actually really can’t, at least not effectively or easily because the miner software gets all tripped up on the SLI over on single card and ram configuration. If you actually could get one for $200 or less they’d be good stopgap cards if you don’t mind fuss
  7. Here are my main systems: -work system #1 i9-9820x, 64gb, 1070ti, nu audio -Retro gaming rig, i3-10100, 16gb, Titan Z, nu audio (this is the only pic I currently have it’s from when I was going the fan install) -upstairs media server/bedroom gaming, Threadripper 1920x, 16gb, 1080ti, nu audio, a lot of hard drives and a cheap case -work system #2, Threadripper 2970wx, 32gb, 2080ti, Nu audio, 3 3.2tb fusion io drives are the other PCIe slots -downstairs media streaming computer, i5-10400, 32gb, 1080 The Cyberpower is really mostly self built by me, back
  8. Yeah, but she only likes that particular group, probably because it’s more up tempo stuff. I don’t know Russian but from what I gather it’s some late 90s early 2000s boy band that has just kept churning out the same type of techno dance stuff without really deviating from the formula.
  9. My two year old daughter loves this Russian stuff from this band for some unknown reason and I’m in the US. I know how we came across it some of the songs were part of some dance album compilation CD I bought at a thrift store. Whenever they come on she gets super excited.
  10. FWIW anyone needing to attempt to run older standard PCI on a modern platform the Asus B460 Prime Plus has two standard PCI slots. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/All-series/PRIME-B460-PLUS/ not the sought answer here but if someone is going to have the need to run this stuff going forward it’s possibly the only current platform board that supports them. 10th gen i3s are dirt cheap, it’s almost worth purpose building just for the capability if you plan on needing it.
  11. Anyone runs across this you can really paste these to the edge so to speak since then cold plate is smaller than the TR die, I’m not saying slather it but could have used a tad more here. Between the leak and that was likely the problem. I don’t really recommend it but you can cool a stock speed with a 120mm AIO and a good air moving fan (EK Varder or such, and yes I’ve tested doing it with a 120mm).
  12. You won’t get a proper overclock with this RAM combo. Since finding a kit of 8 that works on that board (I essentially have the same board the Gaming 7) is a crapshoot and the chances 8 tridents is a workable combo is slim (unless someone has tried it), sell the 8 kit off and buy two more Aegis 16s and go from there. The BIOS is likely locking out changing this because it’s not a matched XMP profile. I don’t know how far back BIOS revisions go but F3G and F12 are the best two BIOSes for the gaming 7. I don’t know what the F3G equiv for the designare is but neither of the