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  1. Which performs better on Zen3 platform? I saw some reviews about DJR performs better than Rev.E Die on Ryzen systems. Is it true? And I also know some timings about these two chips; tRCDRD: DJR > Rev.E Die tRC: Rev E.Die > DJR tRFC: DJR > Rev.E Die Rev.E Die can reach high frequencies easily. But DJR can not. But it's not important to me because I want to use 1:1 3933, because Ryzen loves 1:1.
  2. I am looking from here. https://www.akakce.com/power-supply/en-ucuz-corsair-cx-series-cx650f-rgb-cp-9020217-eu-650-w-fiyati,962128044.html My budget is ''700 TL'', It's like 80$. If you have better advice, please send link to me from this website.
  3. No, I mean CX-650F. The RGB one. Is that bad? BTW, CX-650M isn't exist in my country.
  4. Which is better? In my country, they are both same price. I want to make a right choice.
  5. I can't decide which is better, That's why I came here to solve my problem. I have some questions about that. I currently have Ryzen 7 5800X and ID Cooling SE-207 (With 3 Air Blazer 120R) air cooler. I have tried all core overclocking and I found my stable value, 4.675 GHz 1.3125 V. -Stock 5800X, I reach 62 degrees maximum. -All core 4.675 GHz 1.3125 V, I reach 50 degrees maximum. AIDA 64 FPU is stable, Cinebench R20 is stable too. Now, If I do PBO OC, I can reach 5-5.1 GHz on some cores but there is one disadvantages, temperature. I watched some videos
  6. I will use it with 5800X. Currently I have SE-207 Duo Black and it performs OK but I want to buy AIO. ZoomFlow 360X's price is 110$ in my country. Is it worth? Galahad 360 is 170$, EK AIO DRGB 360 is 175$.
  7. I already have SE-207 Duo Black on my system. It's more than enough to me but I like AIOs. If you say that its terrible, I won't buy it.
  8. Is ID Cooling ZoomFlow 360X worth to buy?
  9. I want to buy AIO for my system. But I can't decide. I know that Galahad 360 is the best AIO but its so expensive in my country. When I looked different AIOs on tech markets, I saw this AIO, ZoomFlow 360X. I watched some reviews on YouTube but their reviews aren't enough to my opinion. So, I want to ask here. Is this AIO worth to buy? Is it price / performance? Galahad's market price in my country is 180$, ZoomFlow 360X is 115$. BTW I am asking 360X, not 360XT.
  10. I will buy a new AIO, Galahad 360. But I can't decide how should I mount this AIO for front panel. Tubes up or tubes down. I will do pull-push. Both of these mount is OK to my case, Lancool II Mesh. Which mount is better for AIOs on front panel? @GabenJr
  11. BTW I'm fine with SE-207. Using with 5800X without any temp problem.
  12. I want to add it for visuality and some performance. But also I don't want to buy a trash fan. In my country, all of these fans are in same price. That's why I can't decide.
  13. I am using ID Cooling SE-207 Duo Black and I want to add 1 additional fan.