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  1. But then you go to present your political opinion: Since we do politics, I should say that the point of this is to gain knowledge of who does what (this is the point). But do you really want the government to know what everybody does at what time? I don't. And it's not just concern, I am fairly certain government will use this information in an (un)intended way, either to spy on all people or to deal with political opponents.
  2. ... And the cost of light bulbs has increased like 20-30 times, who pays for it? Consumers. The energy needed to produce this efficient light bulbs is also much higher. It is also untrue that nobody want to return to old ways. I know many people who still buy the old light bulbs because it's just more cost efficient. And people saying Brussels is wrong were right at that time. Before we got LED, the ones with noble gas weren't fit to be used in many places, like hallways or bathrooms, since they need a lot of energy to start it up. Simmilar story with vacuum cleaners. Yes they use less energy,
  3. USB to ~380V anyone? This was a listing on Polish ebay-like site. "You can connect connect concrete mixer to a PC. Can be used with micro USB. I don't have drivers for concrete mixer but I heard Microsoft is already working on them. Yes I have Tesla output but only from HDMI."
  4. The point is that it isn't the fault of process node. You claimed that RTX 3000 are inefficient because of process.
  5. They are less efficient because they aren't made for efficiency but performance. Hardware unboxed tested Nvidia A4000 and it was simmilar to 6700XT while drawing less power than 6600XT (or between 3060ti and 3070 while drawing 1/4 less power then either of them). That is because core voltage is 770mV not 1040mV like 3070ti. Also, 3060 and 2060 have simmilar power usage while 3060 is obviously faster. And Snapdragon 888 currently tops Geekbench performance ranking, is it really slower? The only 865s I see beating the second of two 888s are either in tablets or gaming phones, both of
  6. Apparently this is the third time, as Eurocopter Tiger data has been leaked quite some time ago; everybody talks about that leak as first one on WT forums but I can't find a link unfortunately
  7. I could believe alder lake beats Zen 3, but they again AMD may release Zen 3D which would probably beat alder lake. Mobile has shown that Intel's 10nm has better scaling with power than Zen 3, so I wouldn't believe just yet in claims that they'll beat Epyc. Efficiency is what matters a lot and Intel is miles behind here. But then we come to the part that makes me wonder what has he been smoking, because clearly he has: Intel has "unquestioned leadership" over AMD in terms of GRAPHICS?! Has he not heard of RDNA2? And since when is Intel 10nm++ better than
  8. It does a lot, don't have exact numbers but just watch one of latest Gamer's Nexus prebuilt reviews, every single one with single stick of ram just gets eaten alive in terms of FPS lows.
  9. Getting a dual channel ram will help a lot with 1%/0.1% lows. And all you need to buy is second ram stick, should be fairly cheap.
  10. For people living outside the city, going to city center takes about 30 minutes by car. Same trip by bus takes about 1,5 hour and the bus is only once per hour. Going on holidays in an issue too. This year trains in my country banned taking bikes on trains to most popular bike area. It's car or nothing. Cars ain't going anywhere.
  11. Considering this is more than 5 times less compute units than 6600XT, while being intended to drive same resolution, i just don't see it perform well. I also don't expect there to be many - if any - mobile games with ray tracing support.
  12. Just my two pennies, but if you try to return it under extended warranty they might just run the buil-in pixel refresh. It will eliminate burn-in... by wearing out all the other pixels equally. So, as a result you might not be given a new TV, but just the same one with burn-in temporairly emilinated. And you can only do this process a few times, or you'll just wear out all the pixels completely. In other words, unless you intend to purposely make burn in and then run pixel refresh to wear this panel out you won't get anything out of the $400. Edit: Since we'
  13. That is compared to Vega 8 of 3400G, OP has Vega 3. GT1030 might actually be better choice here. Getting an used one is also an option worth considering.
  14. You have to upgrade RAM since now you have DDR3 which isn't supported by Ryzen, it needs DDR4. Graphics card will work tho. No need to upgrade just for M.2, if you wanted more SSD storage then you can get NVMe.