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  1. Ok. So thank you for all support. It was all very helpfull.
  2. Thanks for advice. I know i’m hurting my routers range but even afterputing it on the floor in door wich is place with lowest interference for signal to bathroom it didn’t help and obviously that is not a spot where you want to leave it. And in the drawer it still is able to fill my whole flat with decent signal. Washing mashine delete it’s settings every time you start pairing mode. Reasone i wanted to have the same SSID was to just boost signal so i can then turn it off. From what i know, usually you can stay connected to wifi in places where you can’t connect. Last thing
  3. Router was mounted into drawer because that way it does not take waluable space on desk and powercord alows it to go only in these two spots. don’t won’t to be rude, really appreciate all this feedback, but my question is if there is an app/software that could let me use my android/w10/iphone device as an extender with the same SSID, password, and all as my wifi. Kinda like a bought repeater at at least that is how i think how repeaters are supposed to work.
  4. Yes there are walls between router and washing mashine, and as i said before it was connected but since then some closets were added and router was mounted in drawer of my office desk. here are settings of my router and also screenshots of wifiinfo taken next to my washing mashine.
  5. Washingmashine Candy/R04 1274DXH5 modem+router Zyxel https://www.zyxel.com/me/en/promotions/promotion_20130409_504076_me_en.shtml
  6. Background. I am trying to connect smart washing mashine (in bathroom) to my router (in bedroom). It was connectet before, but some reasones made me disconnect it. What is wrong. When i try connect my washing mashine it goes throug whole procedure and when i give it SSID and password it’s doesn’t conect and run out of time. There is pretty weak signal and since first time it was connected some closets were add. Question I need some solution really temporarly (maybe just few minutes) to extend my wifi signal so i can conect my washing mashine to it, but a
  7. So i just create another partion and use the W10 instaler media and it will just format the partion and put instalation media on that partion without deleting my files?
  8. I dont have any other i was wondering if i couldnt just do a partion on that 1TB drive. Half of the 1TB USB is free space.
  9. Hi, im trying to set my notebook to a Factory reset. W10 however wont let me do it, it always fails. So i thought, to just do a instalation USB and do it this way, just reinstall it compleatly. But only USB i have, is 1TB drive, where i backuped my personal data, now if i use W10 installer from this page "Stáhněte si Windows 10 (microsoft.com)" it always just format whole USB. From what i searched, i didnt find any article that would even mention this topic. So is thi even possible?
  10. Sumk

    W8.1 update to W10

    Thank you very much. I will try that.
  11. Hi, im trying to update my Notebook from W8.1 to W10. I know that free Windows update window is far gone, but i read some articles saying it is still possible. I used a CMD line i found online, to find what is my W Product key. In system info there is a link to "Get more function with new edition of windows" i tryed to put it there, but it says its not valid key. I tryed calling Microsoft to validate my key. Only respod i got was, if you want W10 you have to purchase it. So i started wondering if those articles, just wasnt kind of a joke. I know that if you updated your PC to