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  1. I have Aurora sync enable in bios and all my ram, fans, cpu and gpu are doing their unicorn vomit without issues. I used my pc for about 5 hours without any crashing last night, still crossing my fingers.
  2. I reinstalled windows and have not installed icue, Asus crate or x1. It seems like the bios setting for aura sync is actually working, I wonder if the issue was Asus fighting with Corsair. I'll do some more testing but so far so good *crosses fingers*
  3. I don't seem to have any issues while running just hdmi at 60hz to but once I try hooking up DP at 144hz it starts again.
  4. Are you using display port? I'm currently trying just hdmi (goodbye 144hz) and haven't had a crash yet.
  5. Yup I couldn't find anyone else with the issue, so I created an account and posted here. I get the same error when I look at event viewer, the only thing I notice is that my cursor will freeze for a second before the screens go black. I've gone through and disabled every type of energy saver and changed out the power cable connecting my PSU to the wall and am using a different outlet.
  6. Well I installed the new RAM and made it 2 hours, but my screens finally went black while I was playing Curse of the Dead Gods. They came back, but the game crashed and the youtube music I was listening too wouldn't load up anymore.
  7. Yeah I just want to use X1 for fan control. Funny thing on my end is I have zero issues when I use my GF's 980ti and she has no issues with my 2080ti. I really hope its the ram, im getting tired of running in circles
  8. Yeah I can reproduce the issue when I launch the EVGA Pecision X1 software too, but it also happens randomly when I'm using the PC it started about a month ago. I removed the X1 software thinking it was part of the problem, but doesnt appear so. I was able to launch the X1 software successfully without the black screens, but I had to delete the EVGA folder under my C:/Users/"yourprofile"/AppData/Roaming before launching it each time. I'm running to pickup replacement RAM now and will see if that does anything for me.
  9. I'll give another set a ram a try tomorrow, I'm super close to a microcenter, so returns aren't a hassle. Appreciate the input, this issue has been driving me nuts. I got 13 passes in memtest32 and then did another 10 on hci memtest.
  10. Yup I've run prime95, memtest and furmark while using HWinfo64 to try and capture errors, but no luck. No crashes when running any stress tests, I can get the issue to occur when I launch the precision X1 software otherwise it's completely random. Microcenter also said all my hardware passed diags.
  11. Hi All, Sorry I've edited the post, I've tried a slew of other monitors as well. EVGA has another card being sent after speaking with chat again. I just installed my GF's 980ti and am not running into any issues, she's going to try my 2080ti for the night and we'll see if we can replicate the issue.
  12. Hello All, I've been running into an issue where my cursor will freeze and then my screens go black for 2-3 seconds, I can still hear and interact with the pc. If I'm playing a game it will crash once the video comes back, but web browsing and such restores. Been troubleshooting for weeks and even conceded and brought it to Microcenter... They thought it was my windows install and said it was fixed, but it happened within 10 minutes of getting home (just browsing the web). Troubleshooting: Installed new mobo, ram, cpu and psu. Tried several