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  1. Someway somehow setting the PCIe 16x to gen 3 has fixed my issue. I tested the three other cards I have on hand and they all worked fine with gen 3 and gen 4, but for some reason this specific power color Red Devil 5700XT just will not work on gen 4 on this motherboard. Well it's working now so I can't really complain, just want to understand why haha. Thanks everyone for all the help!
  2. That might be worth a shot. I'll see what happens.
  3. The strangest part to me is that this combination of parts was working perfectly fine together before I took it apart.
  4. Yes they used the same cables. I've tried various cables and power supplies to make sure the power supply was not the problem. As well as using that power supply in a whole other system with the 5700XT in it
  5. So my system (Aorus B550 pro-p mobo, ryzen 5 3600, 5700XT GPU, 550w cooler master PSU) was posting and booting into windows perfectly fine. But when I swapped out the power supply for a 750w nzxt unit there is no video output. This problem persists when swapping the old psu back in. I've tested all the parts individually using another system and everything functions perfectly. BIOS is up to date. Tried resetting CMOS to no avail. I've narrowed it down to the graphics card. The system works perfectly when I exchange the 5700XT for a 1070, and the 5700XT works perfectly when put into the system