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  1. Hey would it work witha Gigabyte mono? Or is it platform independent
  2. Well even it does bsod's i'll just ask here!
  3. Well he does wanna play Warzone, GTA, CS:GO so I think he should be fine
  4. he's prolly using the ssd just for windows
  5. 2200g i got it for abt 100$ Don't shout at me it was the best I could afford for the build
  6. Hey So I recently built a budget pc for around the same price so this might interest you, AMD ryzen 3 2200g B450m S2H 2x4 GB RAM @3200mhz GTX 1650 super The case is really upto you If the prices in your region permits you get a 3100x
  7. Well I'm not familiar with the boards but I do know that steel legends are flexy AF so...........
  8. Does he play Minecraft? Ifso just get him to build his own server from old parts! If he doesn't seems nice
  9. IDK man just get the b560 if you need those slots or the Steel legend if you wanna flex
  10. IDK man maybe cause I'm SO paranoid I'm using Tails OS? Anyways I decided to go with this, 2200g (P.S. What's the max OC with it's stock cooler?) 1650 4gb (ddr5) ZOTAC b450 gigabyte s2h 16 gig's 3200mhz
  11. Well it's costlier in my place (undisclosed) and also WHAT ABOUT THE GPU And should I use a A320 with the 2200g? (Yes and no plz. Plz no yesn't)