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  1. So currently I'm on 100 Megabytes per second from isp. it will be increased in the coming weeks however, my problem is not with the internet speed rather that the pc pulls around 50-70 but I only get around 5 megabytes when trying to download something. The rest of the devices connected to the router then slow down due to the pc drawing so much. I don't understand how it can be pulling 50Mbps yet only downloading the files at a speed of 5Mbps
  2. So I've recently built a new pc and I noticed when I'm downloading anything for example, games on steam or windows updates etc.. the pc only uses around 2-5mbps of internet compared to what it pulls which is like 50mbps. so when downloading a game it'll take 5mbps and leave the update with a few kbps. On my router's device monitor and task manager it claims that the pc is using around 50mbps. Is there a way to fix this? The router and pc both use WIFI 6. Thanks.