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  1. How do I remove the library from this computer list? It was not there. In the photo I marked what I want to delete. But just delete what is in document type folders, video images are not deleted. Just delete this library folder.
  2. Can I make a copy of the Windows 10 image on the hard drive with the data? I have already done it on an empty USB drive, but I don't know if I will leave the data on it or not. When you create a bootable flash drive with the operating system, wherever you do it, it always warns you that the data will be deleted and here Windows does not write anything like that before making a copy.
  3. What does each of these control signals correspond to? MR MW IOR IOW
  4. What is an FDJ rail? There are different types of glass on QPI or FSB motherboards but how can you describe a high speed FDJ?
  5. I have such a task. Make a division into subnets so that the following number of hosts can be addressed. A 17 B 70 C 12 D 5 E 10 I heard that you have to start with the largest number because it will be the easiest way B 70 There is a formula for 2 ^ n-2 hosts Network Address: I know more or less how to do example C 12 We take the formula 2 ^ 4 is 16 and 12 is 16 Then 16-2 = 14 this is from the formula The network address takes the last 4 bits,
  6. We have extended math in our class no one is interested in math and no one wants to take an extended math exam.
  7. Oddly, a programmer who programs may not know how the RAM or the processor looks like. The programmer needs to know how the processor works, but what you mean is that he has never even had to see or touch it.
  8. No I finally understand what you mean, will you describe it in more detail? You mean, we learn CS in school and we have a little introduction to IT?
  9. I don't mean that someone has different talents and another person has different ones. My point is that a person who is completely uninterested in computer science understands it faster than a demon and is doing better, but she is not interested in it. And for me, IT is interesting, I am interested in it, but I move it all slower.
  10. Yes, I like it and I have good grades in IT subjects apart from the web because I don't understand it. But it is simply sorry that a person who is not interested in IT understands it better and faster than a person who is interested in it.
  11. How installing systems has nothing to do with computer science if it is on the exam and we learn it in computer science. You say you know IT specialists who don't know much about hardware like this? How to buy a computer? For example, a programmer who programs in C must know how the computer's memory works. What do you mean? How do these things I know have nothing to do with computer science? If during the exam we will have how to install the operating system, show the elements on the motherboard, this is what we are learning and I knew it before I went to this sc