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    wha da hell you use uplay for
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    Xbox news, pc builds, and microsoft news in general
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    haha personality go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    AsRock B-450M
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    Some kinda 8x1 8gb 3000mhz ddr 4 stick
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    GTX 1660
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    Dont know
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    Lexar 500gb SATA SSD
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    Some 550W power supply idk
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    ASUS VE228 21.5 inch and a random like 14 inch Sansui TV.
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    Some coolermaster cooler
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    Some old Dell mechanical ergonimic office keyboard
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    logitech wireles mouse idk
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    Some old HP office speakers
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    Windows 10 duh
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    haha chromebook stupid
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    im not gonna tell you that asupid

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  1. ok so i didnt finish the abomination, i sold the processor and plan to sell the network cards and RAM. I've decided to buy some headphones that are under 30. If anyone has some reputable reccomendations, that would be great

  2. literlly the only serious comment on this thread lmao thanks eeveryone for the submissions probably gonna go with lego, since duplo is for basic bitch pussies
  3. probably. ill do some research and see how much it is. For now im going to use cardboard for the first version of the case and go from there.
  4. if anyone has some reccomendations for materials that aare cheap and easily manipulated, let me know.
  5. Not really a Mac guy, but it's very nice to see a competitor to Microsoft's operating system and new tech evolving, and it's completely out of this world what the M1 can do and i'm exited to see whats going to improve with the new M2 chip if it releases.
  6. I finished it. Gonna see if it posts later today. might get Zorin OS or Windows Xp on it or something. Lets go 


    1. FakeKGB


      What is it?

    2. IDontKnowLiterallyAnything


      3 hours ago, FakeKGB said:

      What is it?

      the corpse of a Dell Inspiron M2400. The processor is a Core 2 Duo T9900, and its got a Quadro FX 370M and 4GB of RAM. Was my grandparents up until like 4 or 5 years ago. Imma get a linux distro on it and see if it works. Pog

  7. noted. The most im gonna use it for is some Left 4 Dead or light web browsing or something. i might downgrade to windows Xp SP4 so i can play some ofmy older windows 98 and 95 games i have. Thanks for the help
  8. I still have the motherboard and RAM for it. its 4GB so i might get a Linux distro running on it. Also got the original Samsung SSD and power connector and network cards right on my desk. i also have the original heatsink and fan, so its possible i could just leave the original case out of it and try to get it to post windows 7, as i haven't wiped the old SSD yet. i might use it as a every day thing or just a emulation machine and media or something. its got a old quadro paired with it so i dont know how thats gonna perform with only 256MB of video memory. Do you think i should do that?
  9. Ik, im not planning to do any gaming on it, just a decently fast expirience. Do you think a Radeon HD7450 1gb would work with it? As it would be a great upgrade over the 256MB Mobile Quadro it was paired with. just wanna play some 2000s games like left 4 dead, TF2, things like that