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  1. Unfortunately not. The only that's crashed repeatedly is Horizon Zero Dawn, whether it be a freeze or a crash pop-up every now and again. However, I'm not sure if that's the card/driver or just the game itself as the PC port is known to be quite problematic anyway.
  2. I managed to snag a Powercolor Ref. Model 6800XT back in February for £150+ over MSRP, just before the astronomical price hikes arrived (thankfully). Took off the air cooler and put in an EK-Quantum Velocity block and stuck it under water. Got an absolutely fantastic chip that consistently throws out between 2680-2700Mhz in games without ever getting above 52-53 degrees, and gives me GPU score of 20900 in TimeSpy. However, the card does occasionally black screen (with or without the overclock after testing), and this becomes more prevalent on the latest drivers, when
  3. I have a notoriously power-hungry i9-9900KF and Radeon 6800XT, OC'd to 5.1Ghz and 2.7Ghz respectively and my maximum power draw is 570w from those two alone during dual stress tests. In most cases, a Gold/Platinum 800-850w power supply should be more than enough for you. I had a Corsair RM1000x from a previous build that I've transferred over and it's still overkill for my own custom water-cooled setup.
  4. It does, provided your motherboard provider has an BIOS update that will allow you to enable it. I have a 9900KF and 6800XT with a Gigabyte Z390 Master and they kindly provided a BIOS update a few weeks ago. Noticed some performance improvement in games like AC: Valhalla (from 65 to 71 FPS on 4K Max Settings) and Gears of War 5 (85 to 91 FPS on 4K Ultra Settings). You won't see an improvement in a lot of games, and the odd game may actually be worse by a frame or two, but hopefully game developers will take advantage of ReBAR in future.
  5. It depends. If RT isn't important to you, and you play at either 1080p or 1440p, then I'd plump for the 6800XT given it's rasterization performance is superior at 1080p and a little better on 1440p. The 6800XT's native RT performance is around 2080Ti/3070 level but it doesn't have DLSS which ultimately hampers it. Radeon's own FXSS will be coming at some point this year, but it's unclear how it stacks up against DLSS 2.0 at this point. As the resolution scales up, the gap in performance narrows and the 3080 is a bit better at 4K. Most 6800XT's will also allow a decent overclock
  6. Including the 90 degree angles at the distro block insert and exit points, I probably have around 14 in total. No quick disconnect fittings. Aren't DDC pumps usually rated at a higher head pressure with a lower flow rate (<1000LPH) and D5's are the opposite? The one I have is rated to have 5.2m head pressure with a 960LPH, and some of the 1500 LPH D5's I've been looking at have between 3-4m head pressure.
  7. Hi all, Apologies in advance for the lengthy post. I'm fairly new to water cooling, so decided to construct my own custom loop just over a month ago for my CPU and GPU. However, according to my digital flow meter, I'm having trouble with a low flow rate (around 50-60 LPH) at 100% pump speed, and believe it's causing some issues with abnormally high CPU and GPU temps. From doing a little digging around online, I should be looking for anything between 0.5-1GPM for maximum efficiency, and I'm a long way away from achieving that at the moment. My i9-