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  1. Don't think I'll quite make it to the 100 million mark before the end of the event , but ah well, I tried haha. Been going since end of March with a bit of a break over summer because of the heat. Only got a little 1060 6gb, overclocked a lot, but still only about 8-900,000 PPD on a good day. gg everyone, also just had a look this is my first post here in about 6 and a half years
  2. I want all the linus phones, such sony, very linus.
  3. It's design, the thin bezels and the brushed plastic.
  4. Awesome giveaway Linus! And also not forgetting awesome phone HTC! It's really hard to pick one thing about it, I would say its bulletproof build quality is my favorite feature, I'm very definitely the sort of person who appreciates detail.
  5. If I were you I would wait till GTX 700 series. The gap between GTX 500 and GTX 600 was 15 months and its been 12 months since the release of GTX 600 series, so if they follow the same schedule we should see GTX 700 series in about 3 months (June).
  6. Looks like a really epic build you got going on there, should have great fun building it. I would recommend changing the OCZ agility 4 SSD's to OCZ Vectors which are better performance SSD's. The soundcard is seriously high end so unless you've got some seriously high end headphones with like a 200 ohm impedance or a really high end surround system its probably a bit overkill. Power supply is probablly a little too much, I'd go with something around 1000 Watts which is still way than what would be physically capable but you want to aim for something double the total power draw the system is ca
  7. One piece of advice when ordering a rasberry pi, RS components only produce theirs in china and have a 3 week delivery time (to the UK). Farnell make 70% of theirs in the UK and have a 1-2 delivery time (to the UK). So if you want a british made one, buy from farnell.
  8. Change the i7 down to an i5 at least or even go with an AMD CPU because you tend do get better performance on a budget with AMD. DEFINATELY don't use integrated graphics unless all your gonna do is word processing or something like that? I would also change the RAM down to 8GB of probably corsair vengeance RAM. If your planning to use it for gaming then buy something like an AMD 7770 or a GTX 660 ti if your budget will stretch to that with the money you saved from what I've said previously (i've no idea how much stuff is in the US, I'm British).
  9. go for the Titan, multi GPU drivers are very complex and in some games (AC3 for example cos its just a poor console port) can only use 1 GPU so a 690 would behave like a 680 in that sort of example. Also in some games even though they use both GPU's they just don't scale well, so you wont get twice the performance from the second GPU but instead like 20% more or something like that. Following that the titan also has GPU boost 2, the monitor overclocking and all that stuff.
  10. Best fans for a heatsink application, hands down is the noctua NF-F12's. Noctuas are the best fan makers, they completely over-engineer their fans and they're just awesome basically.
  11. Thanks again for the feedback, as mentioned before ill probably change it to an OCZ vector cos its only £10 more anyways.
  12. Planning a build for a friend of mine that's gonna be upgrading for a laptop. Most of the heavy use of the system will be for gaming (Crysis 3, Far Cry, that sort of stuff) in 1080p resolution. I'm from the UK so the prices over here are probably more than they are in america if things seem a little expensive, I think I've got the list pretty well optimized now but any suggestions on where to save money would be awesome. [TABLE] [TR] [TD] CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K http://ark.intel.com/products/65520/Intel-Core-i5-3570K-Processor-(6M-Cache-up-to-3_80-GHz[/TD] [TD] eBuy