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  1. I just got a thinkcenter PC and put a 980 in it. The PSU for it is not standard so I'm currently just running 2 PSUs untill I figure out what to do. The computer will crash when I'm trying to play half the games I have on it. It's fine on Minecraft (with a few lag spikes) and planet coster. But on shotgun farmer and 3d mark it crashes within seconds. I've ran furmark and CPU burner and it ran just fine. Gpu and CPU never went over 75c. I'm very confused what could be causing this.
  2. I have had the popular VG248QE since i think 2014. There are some lines that look like burn in on the screen, but its a TN panel so i find that weird. Im getting tired of watching screen tearing and having bad viewing angles. I like to edit photos sometimes and it makes it very hard to color grade things, so I should probably finally get a new screen. I only have a 970 so i dont think i really need 144hz anymore, but it would to be nice to be over 60 hz. A decently color calibrated monitor with better viewing angles would be awesome and free-sync would be great. Im not trying to spend that muc
  3. Im on the same windows install. I used DDU yesterday so i will see if that helps.
  4. I went from an fx to a ryzen 5 and now games will randomly crash after 10-40 min of playing it. I wont get a message or anything they just close. Im on all stock settings. Not sure what the issue is.
  5. Im thinking about getting a new gpu at some point so im fine with future proofing my pc
  6. haha. is there any big change in the second gen ryzen?
  7. And the MOBOs are still expensive for the AM3, i might end up only out like 90$
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. It looks like a fx-8320 sells for the same price of a 1600. That makes no sense, but hey im not going to complain.
  9. forza horizon 4, asseto corssa (sometimes in vr), gta 5, modern warfare, CAD (fusion and some other light 3d rendering), modded minecraft and minecraft servers
  10. not particularly, but would like to spend as little as needed.
  11. I've decided that i should finally upgrade my computer. Some of the usb ports are acting up and not having sata 3 along with other things is getting old. Im trying to not spend all that much for most games i play are fine with what i have now. What would u guys recommend i upgrade to? Or would just buying a newer mobo be the better idea?
  12. A cr10 is a great printer for the price. I love mine.
  13. I haven't made a post in forever, but ive come back to seek advice about what motherboard to get. I have been living with this free bundle motherboard that is low end (pci 2 and stata 3gb) it cant overclock worth a crap also. I dont want to spend much on the board, i just want to be able to have sata 6gb and a little overclocking room. Also this forum used to have a classifieds idk if im blind or its gone.
  14. I think the big issue is having to invest money to sell them. anyway thanks for the help.
  15. Yah thats kinda what i thought. I already have a decent drone, but i kinda want to sell it to get a phantom 3 or 4. I just dont know the best place to sell it and to get the most money out of a kinda used drone and equipment for it.
  16. I have heard of some people selling racing drone for a profit. Is that still a profitable thing? or even a job/side job related to that.
  17. I would suggest going with maybe threadripper.
  18. I will hold things i dont care about or are replaceable.
  19. i think i should get that it seams hard to do.
  20. So i have 100 bucks on Amazon and i just thought about doing a cheap raid. so i have found these harddrives and i was going to get 4 of them with THIS raid controller. Is this a good idea at all?
  21. I will try, but i dont think thats going to help.
  22. My computer randomly stared to say that i cant open apps like forza and the calculator. everyone says that local security policy will fix it. When i go to open it it gives me an error(the one in the photo) then it will not let me use the local security policy. I have no idea how to fix this.
  23. well if i want to wait a month i can get this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/5-6mm-Hole-HTD3M-20-Teeth-16mm-Width-Timing-Belt-Idler-Pulley-With-Bearing-/262958279620?var=&hash=item3d3988ebc4:m:mjUqps2xskcsLfDCVisw4ZQ