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  1. I tried reset, bios update and reseating the cpu, none of them worked. It did look like there was one or two slightly bent pins (they just looked the tiniest bit out of place) but the pc has work fine with no issues. Just the single slot not working
  2. As much as I would like to try that, there are only two DIMM slots on the motherboard, being A1 and B1, there is no A2 or B2. Would a cmos reset fix anything by chance?
  3. To keep it short, I bought an Asus Prime H310m-k of a mate who had just upgraded and I knew the board worked fine. I built my pc and it wouldn’t boot, I removed one of the sticks and it started up no issues. I have 2 8GB 2666mhz hyper fury ram sticks that are brand new. I can put both sticks individually in DIMM B1 and it’ll start up but nothing will work in DIMM A1. Every time the pc won’t boot from A1, it’ll boot in safe mode from B1 the next time. My mate ran the same Ram sticks so I don’t understand why it won’t work now, the board has been looked after and went straight out of his case an