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  1. I have just joined this forum, but have alot of other forums i follow. It seems that the biggest topic is PRICE? Here in Asia, we are still having plenty of supply locally and prices are very low compared to elsewhere. I have been buying RTX3090 Units for the base price here for the last 3 months, base meaning wholesale. If your in the area and need something, this is the place to buy now. Note, most of these manufactures are local and labor is cheap verses most markets like North America, ETC. MB for BTC and Mining are still available and cheap, We also have great deals on PSU units that most
  2. Your right about that, I have been buying as many as i can here. Stock piling if you will
  3. We have been lucky locally here in Thailand, I have been getting GPUS and MB for the same wholesale prices. I just bought 3090 RTX units for, 4 units for $1400 USD each.