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  1. All I see is the price sign rising thinking about it I could just sell mine and get a decent prebuilt for cheap my mate just got one with an I5-10400F and a RTX 3070 for £1350. At least this way it would be an upgrade for the motherboard as well however that prebuild is a little bit stingy for storage so a HDD would also have to be purchased.
  2. That would be tragic lmao need a new one anyway just want to hold out as long as possible. The features on mine aren’t exactly up to date in terms of CPU compatibility but it does the job for now. Thinking about it I should really get a new one before upgrading CPU. Might as well be building a completely new PC at this rate lmao.
  3. Hopefully you’ll be fine. Recently had to replace my PSU as it was starting to go. It use to ramp up and make this awful noise so I had to get that sorted straight away which is why I’m worried. If the PSU has already went what’s next? Lmao.
  4. Can only hope it’s doesn’t die while in a silicon shortage lmao.
  5. Yea I’m only after an upgrade because I’m expecting mine to die in the next year or two. I’ve had it for 3 years now and it’s been pretty heavily used. Not the best time for it to be expected to die.
  6. Last time I checked they where trying to sell it for around £450 which if I’m correct it almost £200 more expensive than it should be which could be why it still hasn’t sold.
  7. Shop next to me has a 2060 in store however I believe they are overcharging.
  8. Yea I understood that they are backwards compatible and that the CPU could be a bottle neck might just have to get a 20 Series instead it will be more than enough for a while plus it’ll save money.
  9. Budget (including currency): £1100 Country: United Kingdom Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Any games Other details I was looking for some recommendation on what I should upgrade my CPU and GPU to I am currently running an I7-6700 with a GTX 1070 I am running it on an Asus H170-Pro motherboard which I can link the specs I have been debating about upgrading to a 30 series however, there would be a little bottle neck as they run on Gen 4 and my motherboard only supports Gen 3. I was looking for any suggestions on a faster CPU and GPU that would have the leas
  10. I'll give this a go although I'm pretty sure it won't work as I installed Linux on the drive and that formatted it but thanks mate.
  11. Hello, earlier on I set my pc to factory reset until it went black screen no mouse no cursor or anything like that. I stuck windows 10 onto a bootable USB in which I boot into through BIOS but all I get is a windows logo and the dots rotating. This is odd because I tried the same USB on a laptop and booted into the windows setup perfectly. However when I boot it on my PC the screen then goes black no writing no cursor or anything like that. I then decided to install Ubuntu onto the USB I then booted into that through BIOS it worked perfectly Ubuntu installed. I then tried to reinstall windows