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  1. Looks good, about the same price the X470 Gaming Plus Max. How's the vrm on it?
  2. I've been considering getting a Ryzen 3 3300x + X470 Gaming Plus Max motherboard bundle deal from an online seller in the UK for £230. However I've just found a Ryzen 5 3600 for £180. Are there any decent 500 series motherboards around for about £50-£80?
  3. Ok everyone, you've all given me a a lot to think over. You've made a compelling case to use a processor with integrated graphics instead of using a GT710, I guess I was thinking that since they don't really high graphics settings to go with a combination that was stronger on the CPU and weaker on graphics.
  4. Hi everyone I'm trying to help my parents upgrade an older desktop computer for general home use and entertainment (video streaming, playing DVDs ect) on a budget of about £300 - £350 based on current online prices in the UK for a provincial spec of: Ryzen 3 3300x X470 Gaming Plus Max motherboard Patriot viper 4 2 x8 GB 3000mhz Reuse HDD New PSU I'm currently thinking to use a GT710 graphics card for now and upgrade again in a year or so when prices might hopefully become sensible again, I know I could get something better used but I'm co
  5. Ok, I have really tried to use the PSU tier list and I still feel like I'm tearing out my hair. Are there any decent or at least ok 300-400w budget friendly PSUs even available at the moment? @Juular Ok. I think I got my head around it, is this by any chance one of the Be Quite models you have listed for tier C? https://www.cclonline.com/product/252029/BN246/Power-Supplies/be-quiet-System-Power-9-500W-Power-Supply-80-Plus-Bronze/PSU1553/
  6. Many thanks for taking the time to explain (and type) all that, I'll take another look through the list and I'll stay away from the other lot's website.
  7. Ok, I've tried using the PSU list and I seem to be confusing myself. I understand the way they are split up in tiers and I understand that the tiers are listed alphabetically, what I can't seem to figure out is how the names of the different models are listed for each brand. I've tried copy and past names into my search engine and the results have been hit and miss, could you please either tell me how the names are divided or point me to some sort of table/key? Also while I was searching for the PSUs I came across this website https://psutierlist.com/ i
  8. Aha! That is just the kind of info I was hoping for, thanks!
  9. Hello everyone. I'm trying to help my parents update an older desktop computer they use for general home use and entertainment (web browsing, video streaming, playing DVDs ect) and with help from brob over in the New Builds and Planning form I have a provisional spec list. Something I haven't chosen yet is a PSU, I had originally thought to reuse the the old unit along with the case but given its age I don't think that would be a good Idea to take chances with the new hardware. The provisional parts list is as follows: Ryzen 3 3300x Either an MSI B45
  10. Thanks for the clarification. If I've got things right now the B450M Mortar Max and x470 Gaming Plus Max would be a joint first choice with the TUF B450-PLUS GAMING in second or third place?
  11. If the TUF B450-Plus would be fine for anything up to a 3600X I take it wouldn't be much good for Ryzen 5000 CPUs? Speaking of which, if I understood your previous posts correctly the B450M Mortar Max and the X470 Gaming Plus Max should be able to handle them? I apologize for asking so many questions on things you've already answered, I'm still a little apprehensive about actuality pulling the trigger on buying new parts. Still, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, I just hope I break the right eggs.
  12. Thanks for the recommendations brob, I presume I would need to flash a BIOS update for the Ryzen 5000? Also do you have any idea how the ASUS TUF B450-Plus Gaming compares with the vrm? It seems to a big selling point that the ASUS TUF B450-Plus Gaming has higher spec parts and I've been wondering how much of that was just marketing fluff.
  13. I'm thinking of using a GT 710 for immediate use and maybe upgrading later, my parents are happy with a 1080 resolution so I'm not looking to get anything super powerful. Thought if you have a suggestion on alternatives I'm all ears, I really don't want to be the stupid idiot that rejects good ideas just because I'm to fixated on my own ideas. I've updated my original post with this info
  14. Budget (including currency): £300 - £350 based on based on online prices Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: General home use, web browsing, video streaming and playing DVDs. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Upgrading from a Dell Vostro 220, due to age will need all new parts, have not selected specific components but do have specs in mind and planing to reuse old peripherals. Planing to use 2 x