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  1. Most of these AC are made in the same company and they are just a getting a custom outer shell and maybe some additional software controls. I personally don`t own one but that is a standard price for a simple AC these days so i don`t have super high hopes.
  2. Kadzo


    This sounds like power problem under heavy loads but you have a sufficient PSU (even more then enough for that specs). Do you have some spare PSU to test with? Also what are the loads on the GPU when it crashes in unigen?
  3. And i agree, but here is an example that this is only in a highly developed country. I worked in a company that makes EV enginges drive trains etc. and their entire marketing is going green yada yada (standard marketing stuff these days) so one of our company cars was fully electric, we had a charger that is supplied with solar, but here is the catch. That car had a limited range (like every EV) and because its a new car you have to get it to certified repair shop for preventive maintenance every 6 months, but the only shop that can do that is out of range, so we had to hire a ICE tow tru
  4. You see i get your point but on the other side people are just egoistic and only care to bee seen in a new car (its a status symbol) in most of larger city`s most of the cars have only 1 person inside. Its much much easier to bitch about being green if they by an EV to drive 2 km to work and back.
  5. I have been using YT for many years now (i don`t watch TV) and at this moment they are just forcing more and more ads, so i wont pay the subscription as a matter of a stance.
  6. Lucky you on this side of the border its 1,5€/L with even more taxes and we have lower income the you guys. (whisper) shhhhh don`t mention how to recycle the solar panels after 10 years *spoiler alert* (you don`t) and after that period it a waste of space to keep them due to low efficiency of energy creation per sqm.
  7. @TOMPPIX Each option that you can pick in a car is called a module. Lets say as an example you want all 4 electric windows plus a front seat heater. That is 4 additional modules for one car. Each module is pulling specific supply chain, you have to have additional personnel who is responsible for additional planing of material, storage, when can you produce the wire harness on your line, additional testing, space in the production for a low % modules that are used etc etc etc. More modules you add more the system behind it becomes complex, now you have just a few car
  8. I agree in the perfect world, but as someone who worked in massive auto industries company's i can tell you this is a living NIGHTMARE. Complexity of that system would skyrocket the price and decrease the competition (like already did due to increase in number of modules that are optional in a car).
  9. For an average american i can agree that this is cool, but if you live in a third world country shit hole like i do and you have 10 chargers in the hole country (which half is not accessible for the average Joe) or even if you have to go trough a country like this (like many people do to go to vacation) you are basically screwed. Also the charging from home deal is a no go here, most of people that live in house usually can`t afford an EV and people that mostly by cars in my country is people that live in massive apartment complex where sometimes you can part 5 min away from your
  10. Kadzo


    I would recommend that you first clean the malware then try the previous steps for turning on the Firewall. After some web search i found this https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-firewall-turned-off-by-itself/71b2e974-a214-4e54-9982-9c489ee6d0aa so you are not the only one with the same issue.
  11. Kadzo


    Please use the quote me or tag me with @Kadzo so i can see your reply, otherwise i will miss it. Do have some malware detection software like malwarebytes, and did you run the scan? On what OS are you?
  12. Kadzo


    Hello and welcome to the forum. To get the network icon appear again in you right corner, right click on the taskbar select Taskbar settings, select which icons appear on the taskbar and turn on Network on. Do you have problems going on line or just the update? You followed this? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/-0x8007042c-error-message-when-you-try-to-start-windows-firewall-3523f4c0-548d-9458-3a04-c0a1c138fc8b
  13. Also keep in mind that you will have to do all of the drivers again. Clean install is safest there and you should do that, back up your data and start clean.