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  1. I live in a somewhat rural area in NC, or else I would. Nearest one near me was about 10 minutes away and near a KFC, but it ended up closing its doors when COVID kept slapping it across the face.
  2. That would make sense, tbh. I'll see if there's a way I can flash it without posting, but I seriously doubt it. It's not really worth mass modification, so I might just replace it altogether.
  3. I did test the PSU using a PSU tester on the 24 pin. The fans spun, and I can guarantee it isn't the PSU.
  4. I had it running at 1600 mhz on an i5 3440S, seems safe to me
  5. I'll try the CMOS trick here in a few minutes. And I wish I could try using a different motherboard, but I do not have the resources necessary- so that will have to be one of those last things to do. (Case does have standoffs installed, and according to Tom's Hardware, it might short if there's excess standoffs. I've not had the chance to go and check since I ran across that, as it's my brother's PC and he was getting ready for work. Might just steal it from his room, really)
  6. It was all left on the default settings. Unless the defaults would be wrong, which I guess is possible.
  7. So, it turned off mid-use and it will not turn on. Motherboard standby led is ON and green. Heres what I've tried: - testing ram, swapping ram, other ram things. Shouldn't be the ram - testing psu (it works) - using screwdriver to connect the power on to the ground instead of the case power button. Nothing. (I've also got a pci 1x to usb 3 adapter if that matters. Was never actually in use, but everything else has been running fine for the past few weeks.) SPECS: H81M-A from ASUS. i5-3440S, 8gb ddr3 @ 1600mhz, 650 W 80+ Bronze from AresGame. Also usi