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  1. For future reference, I "solved" it by disabling C-states. Nothing else worked (even tried limiting it to C0, but until I specifically changed "C-states" to Disabled it was making the noise).
  2. Maybe I misunderstand what you mean, but the noise isn't coming out of the fan. I have a Noctua.
  3. Yeah weird isn't it? But it's true, when I don't touch the computer, it's noisy, as soon as I start a heavy CPU task, the noise stops...
  4. I'm sure it's not the GPU, because I recently upgraded motherboard+CPU+RAM+PSU, while GPU stayed from the old computer (also, the noise disappeares under CPU load - not GPU load)
  5. Just recently built a PC with 10700K and it constantly makes a weird ass high-pitched noise (it's like 3 sec noise, a short pause - maybe 100 ms - and then again the noise - this goes on 24/7) and now I finally had an eureka moment, when I realized it only does it under low load. I started Prime95 to test my hypothesis and suddenly the noise disappeared. I tried to set Windows on High performance (so it wouldn't throttle my CPU during inactivity) but that doesn't help. Seems it actually needs to be under usage, just removing the underclock doesn't work. Do you have any ideas w