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  1. Thanks for the info, I'm not sure If I'm comfortable with water cooling, It's an option though. thanks
  2. You're definitely wright that's why I was a bit concerned, older computer cases aren't exactly known for airflow. And yeah definitely I don't do many CPU intensive applications other then music production so I wouldn't do any other cooling then stock or some cheapish air biased cooling. And the X570 chipset motherboards I just did a quick search on upon first glance, they seem reasonably priced so, I'll probably go for that, upgrade-ability is a big thing personally.
  3. I'm thinking of building a sleeper pc. Mainly because I'll need a new computer soon anyway and I'd like to try it because I like the look of it all. But before I go ahead with anything I wanted to know if I should be worried about Airflow, and cooling in general. If I end up building it It would have mid range respectable specs, ryzen 5 2600, gtx 1060/rx 570, 16gb of ram. From my own thinking these components should do fine because they don't push massive amounts of heat out, and in the case I have I would be able to put one 180/200mm fan, and two 120mm fans. Any thoughts, tips, or just genera
  4. Both are amazing games, I do have them already but a great recommendation, thanks
  5. I've played Celeste before, it's definitely an amazing game. I've thought about getting stardew valley before, so maybe nows the time. Thanks
  6. Thanks, never herd of the site before so it's good to know.
  7. Yeah I kind of thought so, looks a little to intensive, thank you still though
  8. I'm actually pretty open minded to games, recently I've been playing the farcry games because they run fairly easy, and I'm also into a lot of older games.
  9. I didn't think dirt rally would run, I'll have to take a closer look, thanks
  10. I've actually seen that been thinking about getting it, thanks
  11. Just looked it up seems pretty interesting, Thanks
  12. I have a gtx 1050 4gb mobile, paired with a i5 7300HQ and 8gb of ddr4. Just looking for recommendations for decent games, that will run at 50-60 fps.