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    Los Angeles, CA USA
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    Sim Racing, PC Hardware, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding
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    Design Engineer (Medical Device)


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    CORE i7-10700K
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    Silicon Power DDR4 16GB (8GBx2) XPOWER RGB Turbine Gaming 3200MHz C16 (XMP)
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    GIGABYTE RTX 3080 Ti Vision OC
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    Corsair CRYSTAL 570X - White
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    Western Digital 1TB WD Blue SN550 NVMe Internal SSD
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    Corsair RM850x White Edition
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    Samsung Odyssey G9 49" 5120x1440
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    ID-COOLING AURAFLOW X 360 Snow CPU Water Cooler
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    Razer Leviathan
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    Windows 10

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  1. At least you were able to fix that. I just had to return an ASUS Prime X570 board and 5900x because of that issue. No matter what I tried, nothing would fix it. Its apparently a pretty widespread issue for X570 and B550 chipset AMD boards, but was supposed to have been fixed with BIOS updates, but that didn't fix mine. I even tried adding a PCIe USB expansion card and ONLY using that for my USB devices. Ended up going back to Intel, not just because of the USB issue, I also had weird display problems too.
  2. Are your USB ports all disconnecting simultaneously for a second then reconnecting?
  3. The Silverstone SFX PSUs are supposed to be very good, but to be safe you should probably go with the SFX 700w model instead. I have a 3080 Ti and use an 850w Cooler Master SFX PSU and the first one died after a week (could've just been a bad unit though). The replacement has been running strong for over a month now. If it dies again, I'm getting the Corsair SF750 or the Silverstone SFX 700
  4. I returned the ASUS X570 board and 5900x unfortunately, in the end, nothing reliably fixed the issues. I love Micro Center, they let me exchange everything for an i7-11700K and a Z590 board with no questions asked. Between the X570 chipset USB disconnect issues, and it not playing nice with my Odyssey G9 monitor, I really had no choice but to go back to Intel for now. Apart from the USB issues, I could never get the BIOS post screen to display with the AMD hardware when using DisplayPort, tried various DP cables and all the DP ports, very frustrating. Despite the slight step back in hardware
  5. This ASUS X570 board is such a lost cause, I tried everything under the sun, including support from ASUS with bios updates and settings recommendations. I also tried installing a discreet USB expansion card, nothing fixes this issue. I am a hair away from going back to an Intel based system. These X570/B550 USB issues are pretty rampant from what I read, but they are supposed to have been solved by now as well. I have started the RMA process with ASUS, but I just bought this board/CPU from Micro Center 7 days ago. They have a 15 day return policy, but not sure if the return/exchange process in
  6. Thanks guys, I do know my BIOS is a few versions out of date (v3604), but didn't want to update it unless really needed, looks like I probably need to. I will read about the fixes between the versions and update if needed.
  7. All my USB ports keep disconnecting at the same time, then reconnecting after like a second. Even the internal headers are disconnecting too because I can see my fan LEDs turn off for a second when it happens. I just installed a new ASUS Prime X570-Pro board and 5900x and did a fresh Windows install, twice now. I have installed all of the latest motherboard drivers each time, and in Device Manager, it says that all (3) USB ports are functioning properly, but like every 5 minutes or so they all cut out for a second or two. I use this PC for my sim racing rig and its unusable like this. I cannot
  8. New to PCs, def CPU behavior, so bear with me...my i7-10700K normally posts with a 4.9 GHz clock, but every once in awhile it will boot up running at 5.1 GHz and will immediately thermal throttle during load/stress testing. At first I though it was my AIO not functioning properly, all I saw was the CPU temp spikes and throttling, not noticing the higher clock speed. But aren't CPUs supposed to vary clock speeds with in the given specs, not stay stuck at one particular clock? Anyway, I kept remounting my AIO each time telling myself I was mounting it wrong or air was in the pump until I notic
  9. I know I'm mounting it right, I'm a machinist and an engineer, can't imagine I got it wrong 3x, I build the rest of this thing, but I don't know much about pc's, just got into it earlier this year. I keep thinking its a pump issue too, but the pump RPMs look normal when running, it ramps up to 100% when it spikes, and it goes back down to idle when its cool. Does that mean that the pump is operating right or am I just getting the readings the pump should be running at? The pump is for sure plugged into the CPU_OPT header and the AIO fans are in the CPU_FAN header. I enabled pump fail aler
  10. I understand that the case is much smaller than my old Corsair 570X, but the AIO fans are still set to intake, and I have an AC blowing cold air right at the wall into the intake, plus the temps don't seem to change much at all if I take the two glass panels off, so it still doesn't make such sense, apart from the radiator size, can going from a 360 to a 280 make that much of a difference?
  11. So I just transferred my build into an 011 mini and due to space, I needed to replace my 360 AIO with a 280 and for some reason my i7-10700K temps are fluctuating much more than before. I was using an ID-Cooling Auraflow 360 and my CPU temps never went above about 60-65C under load and it ran very stable. I got an Alpenfohn 280 AIO to fit the side panel of the 011 mini, I know its an odd one for the US market but its supposedly a very good cooler, and for what its worth is sponsored by DerBauer (Alpenfohn is a German company) and came with Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut paste. And at first my tem
  12. Ok I tried another DP cable and different DP ports in the GPU and monitor and seems to have solved the issue, for now anyway. DAMN Amazon DP cables. This is the second Amazon DP cable that has given me issues with this monitor (two different brands too), I tried the one that came with the G9 and everything booted up fine. The only reason I went with a new one is because the original isn't quite long enough to route thru my cable mgmt path. One main difference I noticed is the Samsung DP cable has ferrite cores at each end, the two Amazon ones didn't. Anyways, thanks a million! It could st
  13. ok I'll try another DP cable and also other ports in both GPU and monitor. When you say bad, do you mean with the motherboard, or GPU? I can handle a new board, GPU is a different story for obvious reasons. Thanks though!
  14. I just installed a GB 3080 Ti Vision (replacing an MSI 2070 Super) and I cant get the pc to boot properly using any of the DP outputs. The BIOS post doesn't even show up. It will boot just fine using an HDMI output, and then once its booted, I can switch to DP which will function, but it keeps giving me the red LED hardware error on the motherboard. I updated to BIOS from F2 to F6c, released in Dec 2020. There is a more recent BIOS, but that one is mainly for 11th gen Intel CPUs and PCIe 4.0, so I went with the one before that to be safe. The BIOS update didn't help anyway. Anybody have
  15. That was fairly easy after an initial SCARE. At first boot, I got no video output whatsoever, I immediately began to sweat profusely. Then I tried an HDMI output instead of DP and it was booting in safe mode with HDMI output only. Is that normal? I was able to update the drivers from there, DP output is all good now at 240Hz. I got this 3080 Ti from StockX and the first thing I did before installing it was take an eye loupe and look at the PCIe x16 PCB contacts and the plastic PCIe power connector latches to check for scratches or any signs that it was installed before, its definitely bra