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  1. so what more can I do than update it to the latest version?
  2. I've already updated the bios while searching for the cause of my screen going dark, so could this (the bios) still be the cause?
  3. One thing I've already tried after this discovery (suggested by a friend) is check the cables connected to the motherboard and make sure they're all connected properly. Nothing seemed really out of place, but now most cables have been made sure to be connected.
  4. This is partly an update on my previous post. I've discovered that when a usb cable is wiggled in the usb port/socket, my screen goes black and displays "no signal", after which a manual reboot is required. Does anyone have an idea what the connection between the usb ports and my display failing might be? It might not be the only cause for my display showing "no signal", but I've at least found one cause.
  5. It started with a DP cable, I've switched over to hdmi and it still happens.
  6. So about a month ago I assembled a new pc and bought the Acer KG1 KG271UA to use with it. After the first week of no problems, the monitor would go black randomly, display "no signal". This could only be fixed by rebooting the pc, after which it worked fine for the rest of the day. After shutting down the pc at night and starting it back up in the morning, the same things would happen. Can anyone help?