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  1. Oh this was supposed to be a simple smile hahaha
  2. I'll try to, when i managed to get a DVI cable. Thanks for ur time
  3. No, but 1 day ago, i finished installing the updates and after that i didn't able to use my pc because i go to my relatives house and now windows don't show that they r completing the updates and i started having this problem. I do have this problem already, but it was quickly solved by just restarting my pc. But now, it doesn't
  4. I do installed the updates from windows, and yes i can access the bios (but i do not actually opened it, i just know because my pc showed me that i can)
  5. The num lock key was fine. And i think my gpu driver was really out dated, but how can i update it while i am in that state?
  6. Hey guys, i just having a problem with my pc. I only get a black screen and my cursor ofc after i log in. So, i tried opening the task manager (ctrl+alt+delete and ctrl+shift+esc) but it doesn't work. I tried the start up repair, but also don't work. I tried to boot it in safe mode, but nothing seems to happen. I also tried hitting winkey+ctrl+shift+b but it does nothing but a sound. Please help me, i really need help :<