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  1. I play Crossfire (old school game) max quality is 720p. I don't play some modern day fps games cuz it requires powerful CPUs and GPUs
  2. Im still not sure because i mostly play Crossfire (old school game) has a 720p quality (max) unlike modern fps games requires more powerful CPUs and GPUs. Do you think my rig can't still handle such game?? But will take note of your advice thanks bro
  3. sorry, I didn't state some more infos but, I'm more like gonna use it to an old school game like: Crossfire and I have no other interest in playing modern fps games, the game i play has a max of 720p quality but its a competitive fps game in my country so it's like i'm gonna use the refreshrate itself but not to it's full extent yet.
  4. Hey guys Idk if i post in the correct category on my topic, please correct me if i'm wrong. I'm on a budget gaming pc and I think I'm planning to upgrade my monitor to BENQ XL2546 but I'm still overthinking if my rig can't handle the 240hz monitor here are my current pc Specs: Intel core I3 8100 GTX 1650 16gb ram os: Win-10 psu:650w (i think) 75hz monitor Please give me some thoughts about my plan and some advise to do such thing, thankss in advancee