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  1. Game crashes not the whole system. Then I kill that game from task manager.
  2. I have not overclocked it. I don't know about the power draw.
  3. Specs:Intel i5 8250U (UHD 620 integrated graphics) Radeon 530 4GB GDDR5 (Dedicated GPU) Ram: 8 GB Win 10 2004 Laptop Model: Dell Inspiron 5570 ( don't try searching it as model is continuously refreshed with updated stuff) In short, any game crashes while laptop is plugged in, the same game runs fine while on battery. Tried and tested on most of the heavy games like AC, GTA, Mass Effect etc etc. I know that GPU is entry level but I game on low settings and that works for me. Issue is not of drivers as over the course of 1 year I have been updating
  4. Do a restart. I have dealt with such issues in the past. And tbh even yesterday I faced it. So just restart your system. It's most probably a bug in Windows. (Pro Tip: Never update windows to the latest version)