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  1. Hi guys. I tried to oc my old cpu but it doesn't want to be overclocked even 100mhz. I didn't change the voltages. Its rebooting 2 times and goes back to stock clock. Temps are good, not overheating. Can anyone help me? Cpu:q9550 4c/4t 2.83ghz Motherboard: Gigabyte G41MT-S2PT rev 1.1
  2. Hi guys. So my cousin have couple old gpus. He will give me one. My question is which gpu is better for my cpu? Cpu: q9550 4c/4t 2.83ghz Gpus that he have: gtx 660, gtx 750 ti and r9 270x 2gb. I still don't know why he has multiple gpus that are almost the same.
  3. They dont say something with performance or resolution. They just hate it
  4. Hi guys. Is the rx 550 good budget gpu. I saw youtubers that they say its the worst gpu. And if someone knows why please can someone explain to me.
  5. Hi. I'm planning to buy new gpu (probably used old gpu cuz my cpu is very weak) My cpu is q9550 2.83ghz. Which gpu should i buy that won't have bottleneck. Thanks
  6. My pc is not very good soo I will not buy nee psu
  7. Sorry to say but you paid way too much for your gpu the max price i would give for this gpu is 175$. You could buy better gpu for this price.
  8. I had the same problem. My psu was overheating becouse my pc case had bad airflow and psu was top mounted. I suggest you to download msi afterburner and monitor your cpu and gpu temperatures. I guess something is overheating probably or it can be bad drivers
  9. What is your psu? And does your pc case have good airflow?
  10. I bought it before 5 months. I guess I can't replace it. The sound doesn't bother me at all.
  11. Hi guys I have PSU named "Superflower eco king 500" which is 80+ bronze. Before i had rx 470 with 6pins. My psu have coil whine. I sold my rx 470 and bought other gpu. My question is will the coil whine continue becouse the gpu that i bought is low profile. It's only connecting to the mobo without the psu vga input.
  12. I received it and it came with 4 fans
  13. Today i received the case and I'm confirming that it have tempered glass. Im surprised but still I didn't tried it.