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  1. Using windows 10 and i tried downloding a game
  2. I believe so through windows formatting type i believe.
  3. so I recently reset everything on my pc including both my SSD and HDD. Everything was going fine and everything work until I tried downloading something on my HDD (my second drive) and it said corrupted files and that it couldn't download. So my first thought was to go check the files on the HDD but there was nothing because I had deleted everything. So I was confused on why it showed that. I tried it again and it started to download then it stopped and said files were corrupted so I thought maybe hard drive is faulty or broken so I did test on the HDD like the health and corrupted files and a
  4. So recently i deleted everything off my hdd but when I go to download a game on there or anything it doesn't work it says installing then doesn't and sometimes the hdd doesn't even show up in the file explorer.