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  1. Wow thanks! Do you have any prior knowledge of any of the fans you linked? I've heard of the IDcooling i think and heard they're pretty good! Also I have no knowledge of RGB light bars at all.
  2. No haven't checked it yet, but for which fans are you referring to
  3. I'm only finding 3 packs, I guess that will have to do for now and will have to get 2 more at another time, that should be enough to keep my pc cool for the time being especially with the noctua, hopefully. Thanks!
  4. Oh right, I'm currently living in the Philippines and I was only able to find these exact fans online for like $110! D:
  5. Oh wait are these ones RGB I really want to add some color in my case cause it sits above me and I can see it all day lol. I see a few comments saying they aren't RGB
  6. I just checked them out, I was actually looking at these also but couldn't find them for a decent price, the ones I found were like $110! I also don't see anything on the link you sent about a shipping cost, am I just blind and not seeing that?
  7. "Your case is close to ThermalTake Vesta H15 or H17 design (top buttons are different). This means max CPU cooler height (air coolers) of 155mm." - What I was told after taking pics on a previous post, when i took the original pc into the shop to install the GPU originally other parts they put it in a bigger case and I paid nothing for it.
  8. I'm already dead set on buying the noctua nh-u12a, and leaving it totally default and changing nothing on it, which comes out to about $130 including the shipping, which leaves me like $70, granted there's not a shipping fee for whatever fans I get. Someone suggested the ezdiy fab fans but they're unavailable, can't find in stock anywhere, does anyone have any other brand to recommend? Preferably with a link to buy it, and not out of stock? Hopefully I can find some good fans with that budget. Thanks. Oh I'm currently located in the Philippines right now.
  9. So if I want RGB I should just RGB the fans and have the noctua nh-u12a as default? Or does that sound like a hideous combination in the first place? hahaha
  10. Well, I already had 3 fans before, and still have space to add two to the top part to make the air go out the top. Okay, sweet, I think it's settled then, I'll get the HEATSINK from noctua and then the ezdiy ones and expect to have to replace them in 3 years or so, which is fine with me. Think I'm set! Any objections before I drop the cash? lmao haha
  11. OHHHHH okay now I got you!! Okay, I wasn't planning on changing anything on whatever cooler I buy. I'll just get the noctua tan and brown one and keep everything default, then order 5 separate fans, I think I've kinda made up my mind at this point just based on word of mouth and the general great reviews on this noctua one. And I guess I'll go with the ezdiy fab fans because they're cheap enough to finish the $200 budget. UNLESS there's some other brand you suggest I think that's what I'll go with for the fans.
  12. Okay, wait I think I understand, I think my casing only has space for 5 fans, wasn't aware the noctua cooler comes with 1 fan, does this mean I actually only need 4 more fans to purchase after that??