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  1. ok. is there any way to check if the cpu is still good outside of getting a different mobo to test it on?
  2. I hooked a speaker up to it and there isn't any beep or anything like that. My PSU doesnt even start turning on (and aside from the pin test, I also tried a spare psu I had laying around) so I am wondering if I'm not even getting to the stage where it would beep. Could that mean that my motherboard is completely dead? And if so, do you think it fried the psu as well? This didn't help anything either, unfortunately. Thank you everyone for being patient with me and helping.
  3. If it turns out that I fried the mobo, what would be the suggestion as an upgrade? I doubt I'll end up upgrading to the 5xxx series and will instead upgrade to whatever is relatively new in 5 years or so, so I don't need a cutting edge one. I also have no intention of going above 1080p 144hz for at least as long.
  4. I did have the psu switched to off, but did not hold the power button. Should I hold the power button while it is still off and unplugged?
  5. I will give that a shot, thank you. When I get home from work I will give an update.
  6. No it doesn't. I always used headphones, and from what I can tell, the MOBO doesn't have one.
  7. GPU: NVIDIA 1080TI CPU: Ryzen 1600/3900x PSU: Corsair Silent Pro M2 1000w Ram: Corsair 30000 16 GB (2x8) CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-AB350-gaming Bios Version: 50d I have 2 CPUs listed. Here is why. I just purchased a 3900x. Last night I updated my bios. First to 31, then to 50D. Each of these was with the 1600, and it loaded all the way into windows after each update. I installed the 3900x and when I pushed the power button, absolutely nothing happened. I went through all the steps listed in the sticky, including the pin test. My psu turned on a couple