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  1. Like they said before monitor the temps...sounds like the video card might be overheating...your gpu has the same safeguards as your cpu ..so if it overheats it will either underclock itself or shut off hence why your pc is shutting down....try removing it making sure it isn't clogged with dust and then reseat it making sure it's properly connected...try running the game and in the middle check the Temps...or check the Temps right after it crashes
  2. Hello everyone! So I recently switched my cpu cooling method over to liquid cooling for my 8700k. I have a asus rog strix z370 egaming mobo. The pump has two wires one 3 pin connector and the other is a 4 pin which I assume is the rgb lighting for the pump.. now I have an AIO pump 4 pin on my mobo but no corresponding female plug from the pump. The 3 pin from the pump fits on the 4 pin connector leaving 1 pin exposed...on start up the pump fan runs...which means it's cooling...and the rgb lights are working and pump and radiator fans are synced ..but I get a cpu fan error on start up that requ