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  1. alright well i very much appreciate the help in the mean time i'll stick to upscaling to 1440p, and hoping that someone with a good ubderstaning of rendering and bitrates might offer a real solution or better yet i hope Linus makes a detailed video about this issue on the LTT channel (unlikely but might be)
  2. oh yeah i know, that is why i'm asking, how the hell do other youtubers get a good quality on 1080p? they proved that it is possible, i'm not saying i want quality as good as the original video i have on PC, but at least let it be as decent at the 1440p version or close when i upload the 1080p version without upscaling, it looks the same as the 1080p version of the upscaled video as if the upscaling did nothing at all, and the 1440p version looks closer ro the 1080p version file on my PC got me? as if the AVC codec 1080p version and the VP09 codec 1080p vers
  3. Yeah on my phone's small screen they both look good, but on my Monitor they are different in color, and a still image doesn't show the problem, the moving video does, because i have rhe original files on my PC (the 1080p and the upscaled 1440p) so i know that the 1080p version looks worse (in youtube), way worse, and i'm trying to figure out why
  4. i get VP09 me too, but the 1080p60 version looks alot worse than the 1440p60 version, that is the issue wrong Bitrate? wrong Transcode? issue with playback? @Moonzy
  5. Hoping that it's a playback issue @LAwLz
  6. Alright so after upload, i got the AVC1 1080p60, that was the SD version, and the video says "Processing HD version" so i waited hours long , and it finished processing and gave me the 1440p60 version, and the codec changed to VP09, but the 1080p60 version still looks bad, check the links above please, and yes i did upscale and got good quality but only if i view the video in 1440p or above, i need the 1080p version to look good as well
  7. yes, but i'm seeing "not-so-lots-of-views youtubers" do the upscale trick and both versions (1440p & 1080p) look good on their channel, and they don't specify what are they doing different, they just say upscale to 1440p
  8. Yes, it gives me AVC on the 1080p version, but VP9 for the 1440p version and above, the stats for nerds is showing VP9 however here is a test video i uploaded in 4K: https://youtu.be/lrh8TDm0K-s and here is one in 1440p:
  9. Hi, i wouldn't post this if i wasn't desperate, so youtube is doing something really strange, every video i upload in 1080p gets the AVC1 codec and not the VP09 codec, which means it looks really bad (despite it looking sharp on my PC before upload) , i tried upscaling my videos to 1440p, and they do look good now, but only when viewed in 1440p on youtube, the 1080p version of the same video looks bad if not worse than before the same applies when i upscale to 4k obviously i would have to record with OBS in 1440p or 4K and downscale, but still, that makes my videos lagg