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    Jamham got a reaction from steelo in Upgrading my free PC to the best of its ability   
    Thanks for the input guys! Probably will save up just thought upgrading my cpu/motherboard to the best DDR3 compatible, thought it might have been an improvement in the meantime if I could get something with 4 cores 8 threads as opposed to being stuck at 4 cores. 
    Installed my the extra RAM yesterday and managing to get high settings on BFV at 1440 so it will probably do for now until I can save up for a new rig! 
    My first PC since about 2007, just been on 360/X1 since so I'm a bit rusty on my knowledge!
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    Jamham reacted to steelo in Upgrading my free PC to the best of its ability   
    I agree with jaslion...it's pretty pointless to spend a lot of money on 'upgrades', which will result in it still being a low-end system. Enjoy what you have - you stated that you're getting 60 fps with 1080 and 1440. Your current PC is far from the worst I've seen - I have a brother in law with Pentium D and Core 2 duo machines.  He insisted on upgrading the GPU in his core 2 duo to a rx 550 and still only gets maybe 25 fps playing world of warships on low. 🙄
    In the meantime, start saving for a new PC you can build and be proud of. Honestly, this may be a blessing in disguise. It is a REALLY bad time to buy PC components anyways.
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    Jamham reacted to Skiiwee29 in Upgrading my free PC to the best of its ability   
    Well the 4690k/4770 etc.. doesn't work in your current motherboard, so you would have to buy a new board as well for the 3 chips you suggested. You can only go up to a 3770k on your current platform. Also, there are zero SLI fingers on 1650s so it is not possible to SLI them. 
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    Jamham reacted to steelo in Upgrading my free PC to the best of its ability   
    SLI is not worth it and there are few games that would actually take advantage of it. I'd just upgrade your GPU when it no longer meets your needs. You probably don't have much ceiling remaining with that CPU before a more powerful GPU is bottlenecked by it. 
    Honestly, I wouldn't spend any more money on that system unless it will provide tangible benefits. Save your money for a new PC.
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    Jamham reacted to jaslion in Upgrading my free PC to the best of its ability   
    Instead of spending month by month just save up. You are wanting A LOT from a low midrange system.
    Couple things:
    Your board only works with second and 3rd gen cpu's so no 4th gen. Also DO NOT GET A i5. It's beyond pointless as there is barely a performance increase and all new games need more than 4threads nowadays (except for some indies and such).
    Those old intels could not care at all if their ram ran at 1066 or 2133mhz in dual or single at worst you lost 3-4% performance if at all.
    Sli is dead dead. Do not do it not that you can as your gpu doesn't support it.
    My recommendation is simple really keep it as it is (if you don't have a ssd get that and if you need more storage get a 7200rpm drive) but otherwise keep it as is as upgrading this part by part will result in a worse system for more money spent than you just saving up for 10 or so months and then getting a proper upgrade.
    What do I mean with proper upgrade? Get of that old lga 1155 socket and move to something modern that will last your this console generation since you only want 60fps anyways. I know you don't want a full new system but besides storage, gpu, the new psu and MAYBE the case (you did not specify this) it will be a full new system if you wish to achieve what you want.