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  1. Vegetable Omlette from a US Ration. Worse than it sounds and looks
  2. When was the last time you heard this song? I think that the last time I heard it was maybe 2013. Jeez, that was a while ago. I only thought about it because of that Morshu version.
  3. I can only hope that it turned out better than this:
  4. Scared of Getting Locked Again on the Forum
  5. Or the fact that the Cubs won the World Series 1 year after they predicted it?
  6. I can neither confirm nor deny my participation in the siege of the Branch Davidian compound. On a side note:
  7. My old name, EjectedCasings was just something I thought of after I went shooting. I usually pick up the brass (cases) because my father does reloading. I thought it was a cool name, so I use it for most of my accounts. As for my current name, IDK. Joined the "Fake" gang and used the first three letter gov't agency that wasn't taken that I could think of. ATF stands for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (aka the holy trinity) for those who don't know. They're pretty much a pain in the ass if you want to get anything cool for your gun, though.
  8. You can't go around saying these things willy nilly
  9. Yes Yes... Yes..? Yes Yes? Yes(no).