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  1. There’s a problem tho I’ve already installed everything the backplate fell out after I finished putting the pc together Everytime the pc stands up the backplate falls out and so does my AMD wraith cooler
  2. This thing don’t know what to call it fell of and it’s mean to hold my cpu fan in place how do I put it back on
  3. I had this too when I finished building mine it’s expected if you don’t have windows installed yet
  4. My situation I currently have a rog b450-f which currently has a few problems which doesn’t let me even turn on the pc I’m thinking of keeping and sorting out which is why I’m going to buy a cheaper motherboard One that’s atleast under £70 My current specs on the rest of my stuff 16Gig ram 3200 650 wat PSU Case is a micro Atx Cpu is a 3200g AMD Ryzen 3
  5. I’m looking for a cheap motherboard under £100 which is similar to the b450-f rog
  6. Ye screw grab is supposed to give u friction when drilling some of it ended on the mobo which is why I’m thinking off getting a new one it’s honestly shame but nothing else I can do il probably sell the one I’ve currently got for 50 dollars
  7. I’m honestly thinking about buying a new mobo
  8. I haven’t got any at home atm I would buy some but I’m scared it won’t work it would of just been a waste of money
  9. I tried to use screw grab on it but it just a bigger mess this is highly frustrating