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  1. Congrats! Happy birthday and I'm glad I could help.
  2. Yikes, did not even know they existed. Yes, if your gpu can handle around 75 or 100 fps, go for a 75 Hz monitor.
  3. Can your graphics card reach 240hz? If not, don't buy 240hz monitor. Can it reach 144Hz or more than that? If yes, go for the 144hz monitor. But if your gpu can't go to 144 Hz, don't buy 144 Hz monitor, just go for a 60 Hz monitor.
  4. If storage is important, don't go for first one, only 32 GB of storage. Depending on your work, buy either the kodix or hyundai. If you want cpu power, a lot of it, kodix is what you want. Otherwise, hyundai. Also, off-topic, HYUNDAI?! The car company? When did they start making computer parts?
  5. I have a 144 Hz screen on my laptop (asus tuf a15) and it always says 144 hz on any refresh rate testing website i go to, ex. UFO refresh rate test. A couple of days ago, my laptop randomly crashed and then everything was back to normal as I restarted my laptop. Couple days later, I went to the refresh rate testing websites, because ocd. This time, it showed 141 Hz, fixed. I have a ryzen 7 4800H and a 1650 ti, and the cpu is used for display(it has integrated graphics). So, I redownloaded AMD drivers, and everything was back to normal. I just want to know what could have happened that cau
  6. Yep, have one slot free, so can I add ANY amount of ssd(any amount of storage that comes in one ssd chip)
  7. If I add ONE 500GB ssd, would it be alright?
  8. Just get an ethernet cable or wifi mesh, ethernet would be WAY better for latency, if you are extending wifi for gaming purposes. Wifi adapters on USB cables add latency and can slow down internet speeds.
  9. SO, I am going to upgrade my asus tuf a15 with 8gb ram and 128 gb ssd(with a 1tb hdd). I will add a ram upgrade, but my question is about the storage. Is there any limit to how much storage I can add (I will add a ssd), like I can only add a 512gb ssd along with my older one, or can I have any amount of storage in my new ssd along with my old ssd (not planning to switch out the older ssd at the moment). Thanks in advance!