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  1. Thanks man!, I will have a look and probably order the thunderbolt to DisplayPort cable.
  2. This display is intended to work with DisplayPort, so LG cheaped out on the HDMI capabilities. Gonna test how I like this monitor without adaptive sync as I don't know what it actually does and how much of a difference it makes.
  3. I can run 1440p 144Hz through HDMI but had to turn off a setting on this monitor, other monitors can do it from the get go. I'm wondering if a thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort is gonna work because I heard cables are better if you don't have a conversion is that true?. I'm also wondering if the thunderbolt in my laptop allows me to use it to connect my screen, isn't it possible that the laptop manufacturer limits how much data I can push through it because it was never intended to connect a screen but just to be able to charge usbc devices and maybe connect ur phone?
  4. hmm. But does the HDMI port from my screen limit it to 8-bit color?, because it has an HDMI 2.0 port, my laptop also has HDMI 2.0 port and the wire is 2.0 so is it different with every screen where the brand decides to limit it. I guess what I'm asking is are there screens that can do 1440p 144Hz 10-bit?
  5. You're right I didn't see it my bad, thanks for the useful guide. Do you know about the 8 bit thing over HDMI by any chance?
  6. thanks, though I see at the screen I currently have that it says it allows 144Hz, can you add "if adaptive sync is off"
  7. This is really useful thanks, my friend also said he had adjustable sync on the OSD off, g sync off and v sync in game as well because for a shooter it increases input lag, but for a game like cyberpunk I might wanna turn in game v sync on because I'm only getting 60 frames right?. I'm also wondering if I can see screen tearing on YouTube and Netflix video, because they are normally only 60fps, do you know? Last thing I noticed is that hdmi only seems to give me 8 bit color mode and when I turn it up to 32 bit the screen will go back to 100fps again, I'm wondering if that is a hdmi
  8. do you know any other monitors that are like this, because this one is not available in my country atm, if not no worries ofc
  9. if I end up not liking this lg monitor with adjustive sync off I will deffinatly order this one, thanks man
  10. so I found out by turning off Adaptive sync on the OSD I reach 144Hz, my friend says he never uses it anyways when he found out that was the solution and says that he turns on V sync in game if he feels he needs it. What do you guys think
  11. makes sense I might try it but, I found out by turning off Adaptive sync on the OSD I can reach 144Hz
  12. So I ran into the problem that the LG 27GL850 UltraGear only allows 100Hz via HDMI. Now I'm wondering "does a display to usb c (thunderbold 3) cable work to output 144Hz 1440p on a razer blade pro 17 (2020)?" Pls help.
  13. also do you know if more screens have this problem where they don't allow more than 100Hz via HDMI or is this just a LG thing
  14. I mean I know g-sync and free-sync help solve screen tearing but also heard you barely notice it with higher frames
  15. okay, that's very helpful to know. do you think display to thunderbold 3 will work?