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  1. In South Africa parts are very expensive and after sale service is not good at all. Budget PC anywhere in the world is our high-end stuff.
  2. Sorry didn't mention it. 22000 rand (South Africa ) Getting PC parts are very difficult and very expensive here and after sale service is worse
  3. Hi guys I'm building a new pc and would like to know that 1000watt thermaltake uk semi modular will b enough to run Asrock steel legend b450 Ryzen 5 3600 3 x 3.5" HDDs 2 x SSDs RTX 2080ti NZXT KRAKEN x72 Antec DF600Flux case Or it will b over kill?
  4. I tried putting on box, fit in the case, other PSU, GPU, RAMS single stick, double stick, without stick, CPU in other mobos (working fine). I think my mobi have BIOS issue.
  5. Bios version P 3.70 is already updated. Still same issue
  6. I tried all the slots but still the same issue.
  7. I think I have more then enough GPUs to make any PC happy.
  8. I have MSI RTX 2080, MSI GTX 1080, ASUS 2070 8GB. None work. Even speaker doesn't make any sounds. I tried with GPUs and with out everything. Still doesn't work.
  9. Hi. I bought a new ASRock b450 motherboard board which ryzen 3000 box ready with ryzen 5 3600. PC is keeps on restarting after few seconds. I tried dedicated GPUs RTX 2080, GTX 1080, ASUS 2070. No post I tried with 1 stick 2666mhz ADATA ram x 8GB, No SSD or M.2 Power supply thermaltake uk 1000watts is working fine with PCs. What is the issue I can't figure it out.
  10. Dxdiag only shows 99mb of RTX 2080ti.