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  1. So i have a GF75THIN Modified with DDR4 32gb 2400 ram 1660 TI Mobile i7 9750H So i have noticed that i get FAR more fps running games at ultra setting compared to low fps boost settings, take rust for example, on all HIGH/Ultra settings i hit 70-90fps and on all low settings i hit 20-30fps, same on siege, i play on all ultra and i have to limit my fps at 120fps and it never goes lower then that, but on low settings i hit 80fps and lower, whats up with that?? Do i have a blessed or a cursed laptop??
  2. A clean install of the driver worked, i just always did the express install, thanks!
  3. I just now uninstalled my drivers, and the problem has seemed to go away, could it possibly be a NVIDIA Driver bug?
  4. These white boxes show up on some applications like Microsoft teams, autodesk manager software, but never has this shown in a game. I have an external monitor i use to game at home and the white boxes transfer over on both screens when i move the application between screens, which means its not a screen problem. please see the pictures for an example of the white grains im talking about. Here are my laptop specs. I7 9750H 1660Ti