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  1. I decided I’m going for a 5600xt
  2. Then turn of psu by going to back of psu find the back button and press it off
  3. If that don’t work turn off psu with button on back cause ur pc still uses some wattage on psu even if it’s fully off
  4. Hold power button for a long time until pc fully shuts down like 10secs
  5. Fn key and ESC key press both of these keys until the keyboard backlight blinks
  6. First of all find out if it’s a virus if u have an antivirus do a full scan if u don’t download malwarebytes form here https://www.malwarebytes.com
  7. Maybe a Maybe a 1070 to or normal y’all tell me
  8. Or shloud I just get a dog gpu like cheaper I just want something I can upgrade old pc thst can turn it into a gaming one but I want something better then 1660 it can’t be 1660 super or ti or anything better then regular 1660
  9. My budget. Is 450 I can get gpu for 350 to 380 the gpu price don’t count since I’m not buying gpu I’m just buying the rest not gpu I’m also gonna get Z490 msi a pro motherboard I forgot to put it sorry and ima prob get a cooler the hyper evo 212 I’m also getting the ram I listed the Corsair vengeance LPX 16gb
  10. Like yeah it has more cores but i5 10600k has better performance and more ghz and clock speed etc or shloud I get a 3600
  11. Ikn they do but the 10600k better then 3600 and that’s 200 for normal and XT is 270 I only got 215 for cpu so that’s the problem
  12. What do u mean like go for amd cpu
  13. Ima upgrade an old pc that has windows 10 and i3 4150 and 8gb of ram and 1tb hdd I was thinking I wanna upgrade it cause I don’t got a pc and I’m on a tight budget I was wondering if I could put a 5700xt AMD GPU in it and 16gb of Corsair ram and and 2 months later when I get 500 bucks I put a i510600k which is 215 and I will also put a ssd the 970EVO plus 500gb is that good or should I not do it BTW THE 5700xt I can buy one for 380 or shloud I get a dif gpu like something cheaper
  14. What’s a good price for 5700xt i don’t want it to be 400 or more cause for 400 I can just buy a 3060 when Gpu market good