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  1. Wassup everyone. I modified my build heavily. Added a better case... Corsair 275R Airflow which has tempered glass side panel and 3 fans pre-installed (noice). Changed the CPU as @Milesselimviola said, and went with the 10400 since the performance gain in the 3600 did not justify the ~$50 price difference, not to mention, the inflation Ryzen CPUs are going through right now. Honestly, as of right now, AMD is extremely overpriced and Intel would be the way to go at this time around; hopefully, prices will settle back down, making AMD the budget go-to once again. Switched mot
  2. Yes. I trust Rtings more as well. They were one of the very few [popular/credible] websites that had reviewed the G27Q. They rated the G27Q lower than the M27Q but the overdrive refresh rate introduced some undesirable screen artifacts, along with the fact that the G27Q had better overall black uniformity, but it might be something unique to the individual unit they purchased. I will probably go with the G27Q regardless of opinions in this poll; I probably just wanted to tell people about this budget monitor.
  3. Hardware Unboxed has reviewed the G27QC and M27Q and rated both at a decent level but they haven't reviewed the G27Q for some reason. The M27Q can go overdrive to 165Hz but the ghosting becomes an issue, and the G27QC is a VA panel 144Hz so it has a lot of dark level smearing. The G27Q seems to be a better version of the M27Q (both are IPS panels and one has overdrive refresh rate which introduces some input lag and ghosting). @Tan3l6 I agree wholeheartedly. Just wondering if this community full of techies has some sort of secret cultist monitor society where they sell monitors at extreme
  4. I am planning on getting the G27Q which is retailing for $265 (an absolute steal imo) and the reviews (rtings, etc.) are pretty good. I already switched from wanting to buy the M27Q to the G27Q and I just want to confirm this is a good choice so I can make the purchase while the discount lasts
  5. Decided on a keyboard (GMMK Full Size). Thanks for the help.
  6. I see. Is there any mechanical keyboard you would recommend (budget is 100 dollars, give or take 20; preferably with RGB and 87/88 keys) @SorryClaire?
  7. If you own the RK Sink87G do you know if it is hot-swappable or not? I saw some reviews where it said it isn't hot-swappable but a more credible source said it is, but the overall reviews got me confused, so just making sure before making the purchase. I know it is wireless 2.4GHz and rechargeable (and many people say both are decent for the price point but not great) but I will just use the USB-C. Main Question: Are key switches hot-swappable? For those who just want that tiny bit of extra info: Going to go with Tecware Double-shot PBT black pudding keycaps and
  8. Thanks a bunch for clearing that out. I knew one of those things I read online was a myth lol. The 8TB HDD is also an NAS drive which stays on 24/7 and is more robust so I was about to go with that one anyways, and it would obviously have been faster. Thanks for the clarification!
  9. Hey everyone, building a PC and wondering if a higher cache will make any noticeable difference. Could anyone compare these two parts and tell me which one I should go with? I will be using the PC for a lot of gaming and everyday tasks like downloading movies, watching videos/streaming, and just downloading a bunch of stuff. I reckon 2TB of HDD storage along with 500GB NVMe (boot drive) will be more than enough but will it matter if I halve the cache of the HDD and quadruple the storage? 2TB/256MB cache HDD: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/mwrYcf/seagate-barracuda-computer
  10. Yeah I noticed only a minute ago and I am reconsidering what I said. Thanks for the pointer anyways.
  11. The wifi card in the build is a placeholder for an even lesser known brand from amazon that is about 10 bucks lower than what pcp shows because pcp didn't have that exact wifi card from amazon so cheap lol ($18-20). Ah, nice thing to consider but I use my browser very extensively (nearly a thousand bookmarks and at least 12 are open constantly and when I am gaming I close out all non-essential). The mobo has a pcieX1 slot which is what the wifi card fits in so that is already correct. Ram I will take a look into as you said. Thanks!
  12. Thanks everyone! I think that this info was helpful with all of the different alternatives you guys are offering! Oh, and I don't care, personally, for the intel vs amd thing... better price to performance ratio is the way to go, whilst also considering corresponding mobo costs lol.
  13. Great! I'll look into the performance and cost of the 10400f with b460m mobo @Milesselimviola! Yeah, the wifi adapter is just a placeholder for a cheaper amazon alternative so it will save around $10 when I actually buy it... the part was not showing up in PCP so I added a part with similar (+10) price. The room I am in is very quiet... peace... I want the PC to be... not loud... yeah that's basically it... I don't want it to be too loud so I will look into alternative coolers or maybe consider dropping the aftermarket one entirely.
  14. Agreed... don't know what I was thinking back there with the thermal paste... performance difference is negligible. Maybe? Maybe I should drop aftermarket cooler but I really don't want notoriously loud amd wraith stealth cooler along with the fact that I will be overclocking a bit so thermal throttling might become a slight issue... cheaper cooler or drop it altogether? What do you think @curiousmind34?