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About TheDynamicMC

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  • CPU
    Intel Core i3 3210
  • Motherboard
    Intel DH61BF
  • RAM
    4GB×2 DDR3 RAM
  • GPU
    Nvidia GT 1030
  • Case
    I dont know about case as its a prebuilt PC Case
  • Storage
    HDD 250GB Barracuda ×2
  • PSU
    450W PSU
  • Display(s)
    1366×768 Monitor from AOC
  • Cooling
    Air cooler LOL
  • Keyboard
    HP Model IDK
  • Mouse
    Logitech B100
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    HP Pavillion 17 with a Intel core i5 10th GEN no GPU
  • Phone
    Samsung M11
  1. Thanks to all for helping,I have reinstalled windows and everything is perfect
  2. Its up-to-date I had booted the same driver for my chipset in 2019 for the PC No new drivers or chipset updates yet
  3. I did check for any BIOS update but there wasnt any Idk how to update chipset (Mines LGA 1155 btw)
  4. Also I forgot to mention I can only access the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu and file explorer during the Black screen Settings also wasnt opening I could only see the cursor on the black screen
  5. I had recently updated my PC to Windows 10 20H2 But since then The PC is taking unusually long boot times and it shows a black screen after booting for sometime and then finally I get to see the desktop I tried driver updates and all but they just dont seem to work I have to restart my PC 2-3 times to get a normal 15-20 sec boot time Any solutions? Please let me know Thank you
  6. Get ready for a wave of nostalgia Check what I found in my wardrobe today
  7. After a little research I found out that using an RX 460 From AMD would help my PC so I am planning to swap out the GT 1030 Will my DH61BF Motherboard support Rx 460?
  8. Also I forgot to tell that AMD GPUs are way overpriced in my country and Nvidia GPUs are cheap according to my budget as I am in India so GT 1030 costs me just 6,889 Rupees
  9. I also forgot to mention that the HDD is running at 7500rpm and and PSU is 450 watts Thanks to everyone who replied for the help
  10. Hello I am using A Intel DH61BF motherboard My components are Intel corei3 3210 8gb ram ddr3 250 gb 2x Barracuda HDD Will my motherboard support GT 1030 as I am planning to upgrade I never had a gpu in my case