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Science Officer Spock

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    Starship Enterprise
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    Computers, Internet, Entertainment, Music, Kindle
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    I am a 20-year-old from the US. Though when I was young, I never cared for computers, that changed when I got my first laptop. It made me feel nostalgic about the school computers I used (I know they're bad) and some of my earliest computer memories are Windows XP and opening the Windows XP Tour and listening to the music. Remember Space Cadet Pinball? 😛


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    LG 4k Monitor 27' IPS
  • Keyboard
    Macally Space Gray Mini
  • Mouse
    Logi Ergo M575
  • Sound
    AmazonBasics Speakers /\ Surface Headphones Gen 1
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    (I have a Surface Pro 2017)
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    iPhone 12 (Normal)

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  1. Logitech Ergo M575 (I wish I used a trackball (outside the days of Windows XP) because now I don't think I can go back to traditional mice) Also, a usb hub cause Apple
  2. Call Me Maybe (HUGE CRJ FAN HERE!!!!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNaR-rxAic
  3. Say Hi to Chloe, also known as “Baby Coco!”
  4. Me building an ender man on Minecraft (RIP Glassy Windows Aero) Screenshot of an oracle in Jak & Daxter 1 on PS2
  5. I get this issue on a Windows Insider machine I have every now and then. Very annoying. Try wsreset.exe, and if that doesn't work, try to uninstall, and reinstall the Microsoft store completely.
  6. (Friend link on Medium.com: https://mcendreet.medium.com/69b3d56baa6f?source=friends_link&sk=b9022a5e89b545bed460eac08baa908f) This does require any pixel between 1-5 Okay, not really a true loophole, I did create a system that would allow me to upload photos from my Pixel at high quality (full quality until Feb 2022 for me) from any device after the June deadline. To achieve this, I created a folder on my preferred cloud storage (OneDrive), and save any files I want to backup to Google Photos in there. I use an app that synchronizes and then deletes the OneDrive co
  7. Bought a mini enterprise for my desk/echo studio!
  8. My older sister was just telling me that hers died about a week before I got mine haha
  9. I'm honestly surprised I never bought one sooner!
  10. Going on a road trip with my brother next week and figured a power bank would be useful for both of us.
  11. Better than the people on Wall Street Bets wasting it IMO. When people are given the chance to use money for leisure, they’ll do it.
  12. I am lucky enough to have two phones. I use the Google Pixel for unlimited storage (now that google has screwed over free customers) I have it to where files I want to upload unlimitedly get uploaded to Google Drive and get downloaded to the phone and have the Google Photos app upload that folder. I use GSync by MetaCTRL on Android to do so. I just got my new iPhone 12 and will be getting a new sim card for it tomorrow! iPhone: Android: As for my desktop, with mac, people say you can't customize but I disagree. It's
  13. New Fire TV Remote Cover and more Cable Sleeves!