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  1. Seriously optimize a toaster and run Doom on it.
  2. Hi there! So I'm planning a watercooled build on an Intel CPU, and for my motherboard I want to use the MPG Carbon EK X, however I can't find the material of the monoblock so I can ensure the rads, fittings, etc, are the right metal. Does anyone happen to know what type of metal is used in the monoblock for this board?
  3. Would be interesting to see y'all try to make a laptop that uses only desktop or server parts.
  4. @SlelsulI just run it with Optifine--which is a massively performance increasing mod for Minecraft, and really low settings. Besides that, I'm not sure how I ended up with this FPS. I'm on a laptop, with a mobile i7, and a 2gb video card, and twelve gigs of RAM from 2017. Between heat damage, spilled drinks, lack of maintenance, and dropping it more than Linus drops 30,000 dollar GPUs, I have no idea how it still functions, letalone gets 60fps. The only problems I've had beyond my bottlenecks are the battery/PSU degrading and finally failing, but that doesn't really matter to me, because I don
  5. Mine are twofold; My GPU, an MX960 with 2gb VRAM. A GPU I can honestly say was sufficient when it was new, but after almost four years of continual use (And, use without maintanence, because HP glued and screwed my laptop together so much I can't even get the case open!) it's heat damaged chip is barely getting 60fps on minecraft... with every setting on low and Optifine installed. My thermals. My PC is a laptop, and it has really bad cooling. The fans are occluded by it's own design, so the intake barely takes anything in. Plus, the thermal paste is nearly four years old,
  6. Budget: At most $2,500 US, ideally >$1,000 Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Heavy niche games with messy code and bad memory allocation, Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, Blender 3D modelling and animation, writing, web browsing, etc. Other details: Parts I already have: A 1tb hdd that's half full I intend to port, and a few laptop RAM sticks that likely aren't compatible with newer mobos and processors--mostly DDR2 on the very low end. Peripherals: Well, I intend to fully redesign my gaming setup, as right now it's pretty bad, howe