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  1. Alright I’ve already brought this matter to your attention once before and I took it to the workshop afterwards and they couldn’t identify the source of the problem so I’m here once again desperate for some answers, my gaming pc with RTX3080 graphics card and ryzen7 3800x cpu is underperforming. the issue is that its not constant across all games, for instance on games like Witcher and apex I get around the same performance as the benchmarks while for others like rainbow6 and warzone for instance i get a much lower performance, and the weirdest part is that the performance doesn’t improve n
  2. Done all of this the issue persists, I took it back they said they’ll run a full check and replace any faulty components.
  3. Alright so I recently moved on from consoles to make my first pc and here’s the build: MSI VGA RTX3080 VENTUS 2x8 3200 MHZ 850 WATT GOLD RYZEN 3800x 8 core 16 thread MB GIG X570 UD with this build I was under the impression that I would get a good performance (160 fps+ or so) but NO MATTER what settings I run the fps stays between 40-80 never more, on games such as Cyberpunk, State of decay 2, Warzone, Minecraft. My temps never go up beyond the 70s task manager says the cpu is at about 50% and gpu at around 70-90% with cyberpunk for example, but