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  1. Hi, thanks for the detailed response. If I directly plug a PC into the wall outlet It will be safe since there are 3 pins and it is grounded and will it pose any threats to my pc If I plug it in? Sorry If I asked a question that is explained by the response itself, I'm not the best at understanding complicated problems. Thanks.
  2. Is this a grounded socket and will it protect my pc?
  3. Hi, I normally keep my pc plugged into my wall socket in my room, recently after some research I have seen people noting how power surges can occur, is it safe to plug my pc into a wall socket? Also how do I know if my wall socket is grounded.
  4. When I start my pc, the cpu light is very dim, and unbright, but as the time passes, the light is fine?
  5. Hello, my monitor is the Titan army N27FW, and it's 165hz later playing on 165hz I tried 144hz, and it feels better than 165hz. Any explanation?
  6. Hey, recently my mate has been using his laptop which he bought last year, he was just using it when he noticed the battery getting low, then he got a popup saying an application is lagging would you like to close it? he clicked yes, and his laptop white screened, not blue but white, after re charging, he rebooted and his laptop was fine. Could this be a sign of a problem? (btw it's not the white screen virus because he has avast) not sure what model the laptop is I just vaguely remember it being asus and having an i3 10th gen. If anyone knows what happened please comment thanks!
  7. Hello, I've built a new pc recently about 2 months ago now theres a strange red light on my mother board, the text says cpu dram boot and vga after restarting my pc it disappeared, this also happened when I first built my pc. btw pc is working fine. Anyone knows what this could be? cpu: i5 10400f gpu: rtx 2060 motherboard: H470 Aorus pro ax ram: 16gb
  8. I've never heard this sound before when my fans were at 70% it just suddenly came out of no where
  9. yep i can confirm its my gpu fan, Im playing valorant and my fan goes to70% and I can hear the sound. This is normal right? my fans won't break?
  10. the sound only happened at the beginning when I turned my fans to 80% maybe the sound is just my fans ramping up?
  11. I set my fans to 80% and I didn't hear the sound, is this just coil whine?