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  1. THIS ^^^^^^^^ The GPU was not seated fully, the two prongs on the bottom of the mounting bracket were getting caught on a metal seam below the motherboard. The prongs were not perfectly straight, slight angle on the tip towards the perimeter (seam) of the case. Not sure if that's by design but it compounded the issue with the seam. I was able to correct this by slightly bending the prongs straight again, If your going to do this, use 2 wrenches, one to bend the tip and one to stop the rest of the bracket from bending. I also had to fix the top bar on the case bracket which had been
  2. Must have missed this, I'm currently running ryzen balanced power plan, I thought high performance was mostly for benchmarking, don't you want the cpu to turndown when not under load?
  3. Good luck.... There's threads all over the internet about this, unfortunately what we're describing (black screen, 100% fans) is a pre-defined sequence of events that occurs when there is a critical failure, the cause can be any number of things, hardware and software. So the solution is just as varied. One guy fixed the problem by moving to a different house. Some people have linked this to dwm.exe crashes and have fixed it with DCOM registry edits. Others have RMA'd, waited long time, but got a fully functional card back with no signs of the issue. TLDR who knows if
  4. I have the exact same problem as you but with an AMD build and an RTX3070.
  5. I have separate cables for each power input, no daisy chain, One cable is connected to PCIe #1 on the PSU and the other is connected to PCIe #2 on the PSU. An update on the situation. I've swapped RAM, did DDU in safemode and installed latest drivers (microsoft store beat me to it, forgot to disable the wifi driver before rebooting). I also rechecked my event viewer and found that dwm.exe was crashing either right before or during the black screen crash, everytime!!!! I also found a lot of crashes for xbox game bar and had warnings for DCOM permissions. I checked with E
  6. I would RMA the board. I know when I'm testing new RAM timings and it completely fails (orange light) to post, when I short CLRTC and boot it take me right to an AMI page asking to setup BIOS. I never see the ASUS screen on that first boot, after the AMI screen you go right into the BIOS, save changes, reset, post and then I see the ASUS screen.
  7. OK, so having either the BIOS update USB or the Windows Install USB plugged in makes no difference correct? And when you said before you've tried resetting the CMOS, so you pulled out the battery and waited for the caps to drain correct?
  8. Do your GPU fans go full speed when you black screen and do you need to do a hard reboot?
  9. And my last guess, any chance you had a virus on that USB somehow? Did you format before creating the boot drive?
  10. When you reboot, does it just stay at the ASUS tuf gaming screen or does it boot normally in to windows? Normally meaning it doesnt bluescreen before login screen.
  11. If your BIOS was corrupted it would boot right to the ASUS EZ Flash 3 utility if the update USB is plugged in. Another option if you have a DVD player, you can use the mobo support DVD.
  12. That's strange, shorting the CLRTC pins should take you straight to the AMI page on boot. What are you using to short the pins?
  13. Unfortunately the wifi driver clean install did not fix the issue. I checked the QVL on the spare RAM kit I was going to swap in and even though it says AMD compatible on the box, its not on the QVL. So I ordered another kit that is. My current installed kit is on the QVL, but maybe running it at a lower frequency and faster timings is an issue, I would run it at the rated 4000mhz, but the fclk is limited to 1800mhz. New RAM will be here Monday. I have not updated my BIOS yet, so it could still be that.
  14. Just did a clean install of the latest driver from Intel's website. Sounds like this could be the issue, I remember having to reset the wifi connection following reboot after each crash. I just figured it was from improper shutdown, but that make sense if its a driver issue causing this. Loading up Valheim, usually crashes in the first 5 minutes and then runs stable for the rest of the night. Hopefully this works.
  15. Will have to look for this, is it published by EVGA or just reports? Cables are good, 2 dedicated cables (no daisy chain 2nd connections) just straight homeruns to the PSU for each. The PSU has 4 PCIE terminals, I couldn't find any information if the connections need to be staggered for dual power socket cards. I believe I have them plugged into PCIE 1 and 2.