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    Redliquid got a reaction from bdvenom in Windows 10 vs 8.1 vs 7 Gaming Performance   
    I'm really surprised there was no mention at all of the spying and  data collecting that windows 10 has written in the terms of use
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    Redliquid reacted to TVwazhere in Looking For Case Suggestions   
    Define C
    Define C TG
    The above mentioned Pure Base 500
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    Redliquid reacted to Meganter in Looking For Case Suggestions   
    How low ? Or what maximum ?

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    Redliquid reacted to Meganter in Looking For Case Suggestions   
    https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2800-be-quiet-pure-base-600-review-quietest-case under 100, the most silent and the best from the graph  
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    Redliquid reacted to Eumel2 in Need help with Watt calculation   
    I used bequiets online calculator. (You can use any other those are prety similar)
    This just isnt true, they do give a pretty decent estimate on what you will need. Tested that on 3 systems and it added up pretty well.
    The things thats not good with them is that they tend to put in just a small headroom so you are at 80-90 % under full load. If you want a rather quiet and efficient system you should aim for roughly 70% on full load. Your system should draw some 380 Watts max so a 500W PSU is pretty much exactly what you want if you dont overclock (because that uses a ton of extra power)
    Apart from the GPU (got an RX480  at max ~150 Watts) i got exactly the same system and i drew 330W from the wall (so ~300 in the system)
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    Redliquid reacted to Tonberry in When is 5700 XT Aftermarket cooling coming?   
    Do you even CLC?
    This reference cooler is a beaut!

    ASUS will released theirs in September, idk for the other brands.
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    Redliquid reacted to Djinnux in When is 5700 XT Aftermarket cooling coming?   
    I am waiting for those too.  I bought a Ryzen 7 2700 on the big sale they had on newegg last week so I am gonna need a GPU to put on it
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    Redliquid reacted to LukeSavenije in When is 5700 XT Aftermarket cooling coming?   
    probably less than that...
    it's still a midrange card, remember?
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    Redliquid reacted to LukeSavenije in When is 5700 XT Aftermarket cooling coming?   
    they should come very soon... asrock showed off a design already, and msi has some rumors as well, but no renders yet
    both are dual fan, factory overclocked cards
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    Redliquid reacted to TermudaSquare in Would it be worth for me to upgrade the GPU now?   
    AMD just lowered there price again, and Supers just came out, give it a month and prices for both will go down a bit more. 
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    Redliquid reacted to Anghammarad in 1600X is....stuck.   
    When you move the lever, is the cpu socket sliding as well? If not that is the reason why the cpu won't budge... It is still in the tight grip of the socket. 
    Then you need to find where the socket slides, and try to push it carefully to move and set free the cpu.
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    Redliquid reacted to Anghammarad in 1600X is....stuck.   
    keep doing the "lever wiggle" a few times more, eventually this will loosen up the socket.
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    Redliquid reacted to RUWO_builder in HDMI 1.4 Refreshrate?   
    @ 1080p, yes.
    but not at anything higher. If i recall correctly, at 4K its only 15 anymore.
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    Redliquid reacted to Seuntjie in C# Object Property halp   
    I would suggest doing the search solely on DB and not in c#. It should be faster and likely easier.
    But for the case in hand:
    Instead of using enums (or dictionaries) create a risk class with the following properties: name:string, ibsRisk:bool, fodMapRis:bool, description:string.
    Then your ingredients would be:
    name:string, type:foodtype, calories:double, fiber:double, carb:double, fat:double, risks: risk[].
    and meals:
    name:string, rating:double, instructions:string, timetocook:timespan, ingredients:ingredient[]
    You then have a foodtype class as well with whatever properties you need it to have.
    Now you can create a method in ingredients to check if the igredient contains a risk that will search through the risks array to find a match and return the applicable values. Then you can create a method in the meal class to check if the meal contains a risk that will step through the ingredients and check if the ingredients has that risk. 
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    Redliquid reacted to SwedudeOne in C# Object Property halp   
    The way I would do it. (Hopefully this will help you)
    Each recipe is a dictionary containing the ingredients required.
    Each ingridient has a score (maybe 1 - 4 of how trigger it is)
    When a checkingBox event happens search all dictionarys that contain the first selected ingridient (for a bit of optimization)
    Show the combined trigger score of the dish next to the results.
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    Redliquid reacted to SwedudeOne in C# Object Property halp   
    You don't need to use enums. Try and make the application as small and basic as possible, and then add features and tidy it up.

    Next you should make the dictionaries (recipies) and a function to search through them. 
    One that's done then you should make it more usefull and easy to use, but you should start to focus on just making it all work.
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    Redliquid reacted to G27Racer_188 in G4560 Compatability help   
    Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but it seems that asus didn't release a bios update for that motherboard for kaby lake cpus. G4560 is not listed as compatible with any version of the bios.
    So you have three options now: get a compatible cpu with the current motherboard, get new motherboard that supports that cpu, or third option is to try to find someone with a skylake cpu an update the bios to the newest version and maybe, but just maybe (no guarantees) the board will work with the newer cpu.
  18. Informative
    Redliquid reacted to typographie in White Goo in PSU?   
    I'm not sure if this is precisely what you're seeing, but there is a type of glue (I guess?) that is often used in PSUs that can look alarmingly awful if you don't know that it's totally supposed to be there.
    Some shots of it visible here inside of a Corsair AX1500i.
  19. Informative
    Redliquid reacted to Doramius in White Goo in PSU?   
    As stated, it is a silicone adhesive.  sometimes epoxy is used.  It is meant to keep the components seated and isolated.  It's placed due to the very reason the heatsink is leaning.  Even though many parts on the units can be machine manufactured and placed, there is a good portion of it that MUST be done by hand.  After assembled, the box must be closed by hand and the cables press against components.  They lightly bend and move.  This is what causes the heatsink to look "off" or leaning.  Because of this movement, there is potential that material might move or touch.  Exposed metal areas around the capacitors are covered with silicone to prevent touching or arcing of electricity and frying out your PSU.  Lower cost PSUs tend to look worse than the ones where you pay a lot of money, however, even in high end expensive PSUs, they still use the same technique, although they may take more care in making it look nicer or cleaner.
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    Redliquid reacted to VVoltor in How many watts for new PSU?   
    Yes, 500W is more than enough for pretty much any system nowadays. You could upgrade to an i7 and a GTX 1080 with that.
    pcpartpicker will give you a close estimate of how many watts your system will use, I'd add 25% to that to be on the safe side.
    (Not sure why you're going with an H170 board for this setup though...)
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    Redliquid reacted to CatXice in How many watts for new PSU?   
    a 500w or 550w will be more then fine unless u want to run 2 gpu's then u would want 650 or 750 80+ gold
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    Redliquid reacted to VVoltor in How many watts for new PSU?   
    Exactly my point, you're not using any of the features of the H170 chipset with this build. If you want cheap as possible why not get a H110 motherboard?
    Or, if you want to upgrade later go for a B250. Or Z170 if you want to overclock. You'd need to get DDR4 memory for that though...
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    Redliquid reacted to Morgan MLGman in White Lines Everywhere!   
    It's the GPU. Remove it, plug it back in. If the issue persists, add some voltage to it / lower the clock speeds. If that doesn't help then you pretty much have to get a new one.
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    Redliquid reacted to Droidbot in White Lines Everywhere!   
    Definitely GPU. I'd say take it out and put it back in as well as reseating the power connectors may help. Make sure any cables aren't cut or damaged, and that both sides are in properly.
  25. Agree
    Redliquid reacted to CatFishery in A good, but budget friendly mechanical keyboard?   
    i would sugest upgrading your 1 gb gpu in your build you got listed there